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Marcus Blake is an award winning author from Chicago, Illinois, born in 1977. He is the author of the 30 Minutes Series : Trust and Lies, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and A Soldier's Song. He is also the author of The Music of Life, My Reflections, Returning Home. Sex Game. The Lonely Girl, Stories From Wrigley. He grew up in Chicago and East Texas. His education is in History, Literature, Psychology, and Religion & Philosophy. Marcus Blake has studied at many universities throughout the United States, but his Alma Matar is Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, which is also where he wrote his first book, The Music of Life. Marcus Blake is a Poet, Musician, Comedian, Writer, and Historian. He has taught in the public school system, served in the Army, and been a guest speaker at Education and Literary events throughout the world. Marcus Blake is also a Radio Host, his current show is That Nerd Show online. He is a veteran of Rock and Roll shows as well as Political shows on the radio. Marcus Blake makes his home in the Dallas, Texas and is a National Literary Awards Winner. He won the 2008 American Book Choice for Fiction Award Winner for his book Returning Home. He is also the 2008 S.T.I.F. Award Winner for his book Sex Game.

Early Life and Education

Marcus Blake was born in Chicago Illinois 1977 and spent his early years there until he moved to East Texas. He lived there until he was 18 and had graduated from Athens high school. He first attended Sterling College after one year moved back to Texas to continue his education at The University of Texas at Tyler, but in 1998 in 1999 he attended Stephen F Austin State University where he began his writing career. In 1999 he wrote his first novel, The Music of Life while attending Stephen F Austin. The music of life was both written as a novel and a play and was one of the first e-books online. In 2000 he moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to attend the University of Texas at Arlington to finish his history degree. After 9/11 Marcus Blake joined the U.S. Army and served for over a year until a training accident caused him to be discharged from the military. He briefly served as a teacher in the public school system but quickly left to pursue writing.


In 2004 the music of life was published in print as both a play and Novel. Marcus Blake’s second book was an assortment of poetry short stories and essays titled My Reflections and was published in March of 2006. Later that year he would publishes second novel, the award-winning book, Returning Home. It was a critically acclaimed family story about Marcus Blake’s relationships with his grandfathers. In 2007 Marcus placed gained more recognition as an author by publishing the book Sex Game, which caused some controversy and was banned by Christian groups. It was named one of the most censored books of 2007. Marcus Blake continued his writing career and 2008 by publishing his fourth novel, The Lonely Girl. It was not very successful but again critically acclaimed for its truth and realist tone. 2008 also saw Marcus Blake get into the radio business by first working at a rock ‘n roll station for bikers. And that in 2009 he began a career in talk radio by starting the show with Clint Stutts called Dueling Patriots. It was a radio political show with a liberal and conservative as the hosts and ran for three years. Marcus Blake continue the show by himself for little while doing interviews with political candidates that were running for office in 2012.

In 2010 Marcus Blake Published his fifth novel, Stories From Wrigley. It was much more of a lighthearted novel than his previous works in the first sports book that he had ever published. Stories from Wrigley is a historical fiction book about his favorite baseball team the Chicago Cubs. In 2012 Marcus Blake story writing in a new genre, he started writing mystery and thriller novels. In May 2012 book one of Marcus Blake’s 30 minute series was published, the adventures of an Irish FBI agent in Chicago that deals with serial killers and conspiracies while having a little bit of psychic ability, the main character can see 30 minutes into the future. Book one is titled trust and lies. But to is called Guilty Until Proven innocent and was published in October of 2012. Book 3 is called A Soldier’s Song and was published in July 2013. Book 4 in the 30 minute series will be titled A Badge of Honor and is due to be released in March 2014.

In 2012 Marcus Blake started a new radio show called That Nerd Show. It’s a talk show that has conversations about college books movies TV and every great thing in the nerd universe. His co-host is Brendan Smith. Marcus Blake makes his home in Dallas Texas, continues to write novels and do his radio show where they review movies, books games while also interviewing actors and writers in the nerd universe.


  • The Music of Life (1999)
  • The Music of Life: Novel & Play (2004)
  • My Reflections (2006)
  • Returning Home (2006)
  • Sex Game (2007)
  • The Lonely Girl (2008)
  • Stories From Wrigley (2010)
  • 30 Minutes: Trust and Lies (2012)
  • 30 Minutes: Guilty Until Proven Innocent (2012)
  • 30 Minutes: A Soldier's Song (2013)
  • 30 Minutes: A Badge of Honor (2014)

From the Author

MARCUS BLAKE - "We’re all storytellers in our own way and whether we realize it or not we each have a story that is our own. Sometimes our story is a great story and sometimes its tragic, but the journey we travel in this life becomes our story. Our story is worth telling because its everybody’s story. Its the story of the human condition; the story of what makes us live through all of our triumphs and tragedies, through all of our joys, and all of our fears. This is the best kind of story because its real and it happens to each one of us; as a storyteller this is the kind of story I love to write. People often ask me why I became a writer. In short, I find inspiration knowing that words and ideas can still change the world. I like knowing that long after I am gone my words will still be alive and will live forever. I like knowing that my words can make a difference in someone’s life; that they can influence change and bring out the best in something. I like the fact that one can be lost within my words and sometimes the best place to be is lost. Whether it’s being lost in a place hidden from the rest of the world, or lost in a sea of change, or even within a love, sometimes its always to better to be lost. Things like this can restore the energy of life, fill our souls with complete joy, and make us live each day anew. For me I am lost in the words, lost in the words of them. The words that fade away with passing breath and the words that will come again for this is why I write."


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