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Mariah Carey's fourteenth studio album is scheduled for release on May 6, 2014. It was previously to be titled The Art of Letting Go, but as of February 2014 is currently untitled.[1] The album had several previous release dates: late 2012, March 2013, May 2013, and July 2013. The lead single "Beautiful", featuring singer Miguel, was released on May 7, 2013, and peaked at number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

On October 14, 2013, Carey announced that the, "The Art of Letting Go", has been chosen as the album's second single. The track was released via Facebook and iTunes on November 11, 2013.

Carey announced on December 31, 2013 that she will release a new single on February 12, 2014 and the album will be out in Spring. On February 10, Carey's Facebook page revealed the song's title to be "You're Mine (Eternal)," and the album's release date May 6.


The first indication that Carey had begun work on her fourteenth studio album was in February 2011, with Carey stating: "I start writing for my new album this week-but it's just the beginning...".[2] In March 2011, Carey issued a statement on how she felt embarrassed because she unknowingly played a private gig for the family of dictator Colonel Gaddafi in 2008. Carey's representative did not comment on how much Carey was paid for the performance, but said Carey will donate royalties for the song "Save the Day", which she has written for her 14th studio album, to charities that create awareness for human-rights issues.[3]

In May 2011, husband Nick Cannon revealed during a Billboard interview that Carey had already completed a good amount of recording for a new album, a few months before during her pregnancy: "She's planning on having a [new single] out this year. She's been working away, and we have a studio in the crib, and [the pregnancy] has totally inspired her on so many different levels." Additionally, Cannon confirmed that Carey was inspired by her debut self-titled album and its follow-up, Emotions.[4]

In January 2012, Cannon updated everyone on the album, saying: "My beautiful wife is planning to make her return to the music scene after taking time off to focus on the pregnancy and the birth of our two wonderful babies, Moroccan and Monroe."[5]


In September 2011, producer and friend Jermaine Dupri took to his social network Global14 to reveal that he's back in the studio with Carey working on new music.[6] In July 2012, it was announced that Randy Jackson completed seven songs with Carey for the album.[7] In August 2012, Bryan Michael Cox said about the album: "She was committed to making it before she got pregnant. Then she got pregnant and she took the time off. Then after she came back, we started really vibing again and we picked up right where we left off. I just feel like between [record producer] Jermaine Dupri, myself and her, we came up with a few things that [are] really, really a solid body of work".[8] In September 2012, Carey was in the studio with R. Kelly.[9]

In January 2013, Cox stated that himself and Jermaine Dupri worked together on 10 songs for the album.[10] In February 2013, Dupri revealed that he was trying to get Carey to sing ballads but Carey was leaning more towards a hip hop sound "like rappers in the club".[11]

Carey said about her fourteenth studio album: "I'm collaborating with a lot of my favorite people but the main thing is [that] I'm not trying to follow any particular trend, I want it to be well received. I want to stay true to myself and the music that I love and make the fans happy".[12] Some of the people that Carey worked with on the album include: DJ Clue?, Randy Jackson, Q-Tip, R. Kelly, David Morales, Loris Holland, Stevie J, James Fauntleroy, Ray Angry, Walter Afanasieff, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, James "Big Jim" Wright, Hit-Boy, The-Dream, Da Brat, and Rodney Jerkins.[13][14][15]

Carey gave Billboard magazine an exclusive interview in their March 9, 2013 issue, stating: "It's about making sure I have tons of good music, because at the end of the day, that's the most important thing....There are a lot more raw ballads than people might expect...there are also uptempo and signature-type songs that represent [my] different facets as an artist.....Wherever we go with this project, I've tried to keep the soul and heart in it". Billboard also asked Carey about the title of the album, however, Carey declined to reveal it.[15] In late March 2013, Carey stated that she "has more than enough songs" but "she's in the process of finishing things and mixing and all that".[16]

In June 2013, it was announced that Carey is "still choosing between two titles" for the album.[17] On June 16, 2013, Walmart put the album up for pre-order and revealed its title as The Art of Letting Go.[18] The following day, producer Jermaine Dupri confirmed that Walmart was correct and that the album is indeed titled "The Art of Letting Go".[19] On June 20, 2013; Carey was in the studio with Mike Will Made It and Young Jeezy.[20] On August 3, 2013, Carey was in the studio with rapper Wale.[21] In September 2013, Carey was in the studio with rapper Nas.[22] In October 2013, Jermaine Dupri was announced as Carey's new manager.[23]

In January 2014, Carey stated that there will be two cover songs on the album and announced that she has finished sequencing the album's track list.[24] In an interview in February 2014, Carey added that there are songs on the album that are about her husband Nick Cannon[25] as well as songs that she wrote specifically for her twins Moroccan and Monroe.[26] That same month, Carey announced to MTV News that she has added three new songs to the tracklist, 1 extra Hitboy record and two new remixes[27] and stated that she is in the process of choosing a new title for the album.[28]

Promotion and release

In the April 2012 issue of Shape magazine, Carey stated: "I've started writing songs for a new album, which I hope will come out in 2012. Getting back in the studio and making music again-which I truly love doing-is the best way to end this crazy year".[29] In August 2012, Carey's then-manager Randy Jackson told Billboard that the album is set for release in March 2013.[30] In an interview with Ryan Seacrest in September 2012, Carey stated: "I want[ed] [it] to [be released] sooner, but I guess it wouldn't be ready until around January 2013, somewhere around there. I wanted to put another single out, a ballad. I love it, but I'm still writing, I'm still working. So, you never know what it's going to end up being".[31]

In February 2013, Carey stated that she wanted to release the album as soon as possible.[32][33] The album was delayed to May 2013,[34] which soon changed to July 23, 2013.[35] However, the album was again delayed. On February 10, 2014, it was announced that the album is now set for release on May 6, 2014.[36]


"Triumphant (Get 'Em)" was released in August 2012. It was originally slated to be the album's lead single. However, Carey felt that the album needed more work. "Beautiful" became the album's official lead single. It features singer Miguel. The world premiere of the song was held on May 6, 2013[37] and was released for digital download on the US iTunes store the next day.[38] In May 2013, Carey performed the song on American Idol and Good Morning AmericaTemplate:'s Summer Concert Series.[37]

On October 14, 2013, Carey announced that "The Art of Letting Go" would be released as the album's second single. It had its world premiere via Facebook on November 11, 2013.[39]

On December 31, 2013, Carey announced that the album's third single will be released on Valentine's Day. However, the song, titled "You're Mine (Eternal)", was premiered on February 12, 2014 instead - two days earlier than expected. Its official remix, featuring Trey Songz, was premiered on that same day as well.[40]


In December 2012, Carey's then manager Randy Jackson announced that Carey is planning a world tour following the album's release.[41] In May 2013, back when the album's release date was still July 23, 2013, Carey's PR firm announced that the tour was intended to start in October 2013 in Asia. In June 2013, however, Carey announced that she was not ready to release the album in July and thus the tour was postponed. Carey's subsequent injury in July 2013 derailed the album even more.[42]

Recorded Songs


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