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Masha Lopatova Kirilenko

Kirilenko in 2015
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Masha "Marina" Kirilenko (née Lopatova, born 26 September 1973; Template:Lang-rus)[1] is the founder of Fashion IQ, former Russian recording artist, wife of Russian basketball player Andrei Kirilenko, and the daughter of the Russian basketball player Andrey Lopatov.

Lopatova first studied in Moscow, where she earned a BA in Linguistics from the University of Foreign Languages in 1995 and an MBA from the Academy of National Economy in 1997. She then moved to London to attend St Martin’s College and earn a master's degree in TV and Video Production.[2] In London Lopatova also worked in the entertainment industry.[3] After returning to Moscow she co-founded a sports and entertainment marketing company. Masha and Andrei eventually met through her work with the marketing firm, and shortly after they married.

The couple moved to the United States later in 2001 when Andrei Kirilenko, who had been drafted by the NBA's Utah Jazz in 1999, joined the team.[4] In 2011, Andrei and Masha became American citizens.[5] Masha was in fashion distribution and retail business called “Made in USA” as well as fashion consulting “Fashion IQ” . Currently, she is the owner of Real Housekeepers project, which is an online magazine and store focused on a healthy way of life, nutrition, mindfulness, and psychology. They have three sons and one daughter: Fedor (b. 2002)[4] Stepan (b. 2007)[6] daughter Sasha (b. 2005), and Andrei (b. 2015). In the USA, Masha and Andrei started a charitable organization, Kirilenko's Kids, to help underprivileged children both locally and in Russia.


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