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Matthew C Martino
File:Matthew C Martino outside his former Brentwood home.jpg
Matthew C Martino outside his former Brentwood home
Born Mathetes Chihwai
(1992-10-27) 27 October 1992 (age 28)
Harare, Zimbabwe
Residence Brentwood, Essex (private)
Nationality Zimbabwean/British
Education Shenfield High School (attended)
Occupation entrepreuer, film producer, author, philanthropist[1]
Years active

Acting career (2011-2013)
Film producer (2012—)

Business career(2011—)
Philanthropy (2013—)
Known for MMBF Trust[2]
Religion Christianity
Parents Denias Chihwai
Beauty Chihwai

Mathetes Chihwai[3](born 27 October 1992), better known by his pseudonym Matthew C Martino[4] is a Zimbabwean English film producer, author and philanthropist[5] currently residing in United Kingdom. Martino is perhaps known for his pilots manual Lets Fly and the subsequent Lets Fly Academy.[6][7][8] Martino is the founder and benefactor of charitable trust Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund which provides support and sponsorship for aspiring pilots, actors and film-makers.[9][10]

In 2015 Martino was included in the World Richest Authors List by The Richest, He ranked at number 101.[11] [12]

Early life

Matthew C Martino was born on 27 October 1992 in Harare, Zimbabwe.[13] Relocating to the UK in 2005, He attended high school at Shenfield High School.[14] His father Denias Chihwai is a marriage counselor and his mother Beauty a teacher.[15]

Early career

Martino's early career started with his self-published book Lets Fly which was released in 2012.[16] On 28 May 2013, he announced his second book Go For It during a night out in Mayfair.[17][18]

In 2012 he announced his pilots manual Lets Fly would be free for all, a move which was dubbed by critics as a way to boost publicity and sales for the struggling book.[19]

Martino went on to design Lets Fly App [20][21] and launch aviation resource site Lets Fly Academy.[22]

His very first flight was aboard a Cessna 152 at Stapleford Flight Centre which is based at Stapleford Aerodrome.[23] In late 2013 Martino was criticised for double standards after it was revealed that pilots for private charter firm F5 Air let Martino fly jets he didn't hold licensing and type ratings for.[24][25] Reports of irony flooded after Martino hit out at United States Air Force for the helicopter crash on the eastern coast of England on 7 January 2014 in which four serviceman lost their lives.[26]

In a March 2014 interview Martino spoke of his genuine passion for music then said 'Im gutted ill never be rapper' [27][28][29]

In an interview on Sunday 13 April 2014 Martino revealed his plans to become a DJ again, He used to DJ during his teen years under the name DJ Eazi M.[30]

Business career

In early 2012 Martino then 19 co-founded F5 Air a private charter firm based out of Biggin Hill Airport.[31][32] The venture went bust later that year.[33]

Martino founded aviation consultancy firm Lets Fly Academy' back in October 2012. On 21 March 2014 a spokesperson for Lets Fly Academy confirmed that the business will be expanding later in 2014 with a retail arm that will specialise in selling pilot equipment.[34][35]

Martino's other business interests include a stake in a news group, the details of which group it is have been kept under wraps despite Martino himself denying the reports.[36] Martino also controls a land investment portfolio.[37][38]

In early 2015 it was announced that Martino is launching an App acquisition and development firm named MMD-Tech.[39][40]


Martino officially stepped down from modelling and acting in early 2013 after criticism about his appearances on Alan Titchmarsh Show.[41] He ranted 'Im loving it' during an interview with Manila Channel after appearing on the ITV show as a valentine's cupid.[42]

In early 2013 his directing debut Lets Fly Documentary was aired on TV Perú as part of celebrations for a national aviation holiday in Peru.[43]

2013 became a busy year for Martino mainly due to the success of his TV Documentary Lets Fly.[44][45] He went on to say 'Im trying to achieve beautiful works of art' during an interview with Young Celebrity News.[46]

File:Matthew Martino leaving his management's office in Central London, February 2014.jpg
Matthew Martino leaves his rep's Central London offices in February 2014

Personal life

Martino resides in Brentwood with his parents and siblings, [47]

Martino was in early 2014 linked to a political career, however aides close to him called onto him not to run.[48][49] On the 19th of June 2014 the hashtag #RtHonMatthewCMartino became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter in support of Martino to run.[50][51]


On 28 February 2014 a private jet Martino had chartered was held at Stansted Airport after authorities investigated 'party materials' that had been reported on board the aircraft, the plane was later cleared to take-off.[52][53]

On 20 March 2014 Martino's raft boat was vandalised at Portsmouth Harbor,[54] although no explanation to the incident was ever reported it is thought Martino was compensated.[55]

On the 27th of July 2014 during the New York leg of his US visit Martino was provided with an escort by the NYPD and he sparked outrage after filming a clip of this which one of his friends shared on Twitter.[56][57][58]


On 6 October 2014 it was reported that Martino would form charitable trust Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund which would provide sponsorship for aspiring pilots, actors and film-makers.[59] Martino himself commented on the Trust saying 'I want to support the two industries that have made me what I am'.[60][61][62][63]

On the 20th of October 2014 it was reported that Colchester Film Festival would introduce the Matthew Martino Rising Star Award in association with MMBF.[64] The purpose of the award was to 'encourage new and emerging British film-makers by publicising their talent and supporting their future work'.[65][66]

It was announced on the 20th of May 2015 that Martino would offer scholarships to short course and foundation students at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts through MMBF Trust. [67]

Martino is listed as a Patron of Royal Lyceum Theatre [68]

Awards and Achievement

Year Award Category Result
2015 Essex Young People Of The Year [1] General Template:Nom
2015 The Trust Awards UK Young Entrepreneur Template:Nom
2015 ''The Richest'' World Richest Authors No. 101 Template:Won



A list of books by Matthew C Martino.[69]

Year Title
2012 Lets Fly
2013 Go For It/ Be Your Own Boss


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