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Megan Gogerty

Megan Gogerty is an award-winning playwright, solo-performer, stand-up comedian, and professor currently teaching Theatre Arts at the University of Iowa.[1]


Gogerty earned her BA from the University of Iowa and her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin.[1] She has been listed as a playwright-in-residence in several schools, including Dartington College of the Arts (U.K.), Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the South Carolina Governor's School for Performing Arts, and she was additionally named a Playwrights' Center Jerome Fellow.[1]



In 2008, Gogerty's musical-play "Love Jerry" was produced in the New York Musical Theatre Festival.[2] Gogerty's musical earned four NYMF awards[3] as well as three Talkin' Broadway Summer Festival Citations including Outstanding New Musical.[4] In addition to these accolades, "Love Jerry" also toured England for a period before premiering at the Actors Express Theatre in Atlanta, where it was nominated five different times for an Atlanta Suzi Bass Award.

That same year premiered Megan's solo show entitled "Megan Gogerty Loves You Very Much" at Riverside Theatre in Iowa City. Later, the show morphed into "Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant" when it toured Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta, GA.[5]

"Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant" premiered in 2009 at the Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Broadway World writes, "Gogerty, an Iowa-based actor, playwright and social observer, begins her hilarious semi-autobiographical tale waiting in line at a Hillary Clinton book signing. It progresses from there, tracking her hopeful liberal self as she journeys from the uncertainty of post-9/11 America, through the Bush years and motherhood, to the giddy Tomorrowland of Barack Obama's election as our 44th president. Funny, witty and insightful, Gogerty will make you laugh so much you won't even know your brain also has been engaged."[6]

"Feet First in the Water with a Baby in My Teeth" (aka "Save Me, Dolly Parton") was produced by the Synchronicity Theatre with Iowa City's Riverside Theatre in 2011.[7]

"Housebroken" premiered in April 2015 at Riverside Theatre in Iowa City.[8]


In April 2015, Gogerty opened for Cameron Esposito at the Englert Theatre for the Mission Creek Comedy Festival.[9]

On September 19, 2014, Gogerty opened for Louie Anderson in Iowa City.[10] The following January, upon his invitation, Gogerty open for him at the Plaza in Las Vegas.

Gogerty is a regular performer for Iowa City's Green Gravel Comedy Festival. In 2015, she featured for Eddie Pepitone.[11] In 2016, she featured for the star of The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Golden Globe winner, Rachel Bloom.[12]

On June 4, 2015, Gogerty starred in The Hour of Power Hour at The Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles.[13]


Megan Gogerty is a lecturer at The University of Iowa teaching musical theatre, dramatic literature and playwriting. She also teaches a university course titled "Comedy and Society,"[14] which examines comedy's relation with western culture from the 19th century to the present. She also leads a stand-up comedy practicum,[15] which emphasizes articulating personal truth so as to perform original work for audiences both in the classroom and community.


  • 2004: "Rumple Schmumple"
  • 2008: "Love Jerry"
  • 2012: "Bad Panda"
  • 2013: "My Beautiful Deadbeat Dad"
  • 2013: "Super Hot Raven & Raven II: The Ravening"
  • 2013: "Jacked"
  • 2015: "Housebroken"



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