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Template:Unsourced Template:Infobox ethnic group The Mexicans in Argentina comprise people who emigrated from Mexico to Argentina and their descendants. Mexico, bordered on the north by the United States, was ruled by Spain as a colony for more than three centuries. There tends to be more Argentines that go to Mexico than vice-versa. There are mainly two types of Mexican-Argentines. First, are those who reside permanently, and those who for various reasons are established on a temporary basis. The permanent population consists of families purely Mexican or Mexican-Argentine families. In this group are considered individuals who for political reasons in the 70s, went into exile in Mexico and formed a family. With the return of democracy, many of these exiles returned home. In the 90s began to manifest another phenomenon, that was the population that came to file labor issues brought by Mexican companies that settled in Argentina as Bimbo and Coca Cola. The temporary population is made up mostly of young people who come for the purpose of study. These are mostly men between 20 and 35 years who performed from technical courses to masters and doctorates. The careers most in demand are the culinary, fashion design, advertising and film, the cost is attractive comparatively.

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