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Michael C. O’Laughlin
File:Michael pix.jpg
Michael C. O’Laughlin
Born Gladstone, Missouri U.S.A
Occupation Author, Singer and founder of Irish Roots Café

Michael C. O'Laughlin is the world’s most published author since 1978 in the field of Irish genealogy with 60 books. Having written books on every Irish county, he also publishes rare works in Irish and English by other authors, including 'The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters', 'Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many', 'Hy Fiachrach', and the 'Irish Book of Arms' 'journal of Irish Families' newsletters (60 works in all).[1][2][3][4][5] over 1,000 articles/blogs as past columnist for IrishCentral.com and currently the Irish Families Blog and has over 300 podcasts [6][7] and 158 videos online today

He is a speaker, singer, author, consultant and exhibitor for special events. His books, blogs, broadcasts, videos, CD’s and DVD’s include works on every Irish country. He is the founder of Irish Roots Café which is a world leader in Irish genealogy and history. He is also founder of Hedge school with roots in Clare Kerry for starters. Michael also sings in the Irish language (Gaeilge) and English, old style. Going beyond genealogy, he organized and sang with the first all Irish language song performance on stage in the Midwest and was ranked as the #1Celtic Artist in the United States of America in 2012 on Reverb nation (for nine months).


Michael C. O'Laughlin is from Gladstone, Missouri, United States of America and now he lives in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. He is a graduate of “Rockhurst University” where he learnt about Irish Genealogy, history, Irish-America, language(Gaeilge), and song.[8]


Michael is the founder of the following:

The Irish Genealogical Foundation (1978)

The Editor of the Monthly Journal of Irish Families (1980)

The Proprietor of the Irish Roots Café (2000)

Founder of O'Laughlin Press (till 1990's)

Founder of the Irish American Cultural Center (IACC) which was founded in 1982

Founder of the Clanna Eireann Dancers, which was founded in 1984 [9]


He personally leads tours to Ireland and offers courses in Irish Family History. Mike’s first hard bound book was ‘The Complete History for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors’ which was published in 1980. His most popular remains The Book of Irish Families, great and small’ [10][11] ‘The Irish Books of Arms’,[12] and ‘The Annals of Ireland by Four Masters’ [13][14] among others.


Michael led cottage tours to Ireland in the 1980s and holds an Irish research library of 3,000 volumes. He also edits and publishes the work of ten authors from centuries past from his home base in Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America. Among his historic firsts are:[15]

The first all language song show in the mid-west

First book on the Irish in Missouri (author)

Connellans 'Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters' (repub)

First Irish Genealogy podcast series on the web

First 34 book set, by country, on Irish Families[16]

Irish Sean Nos and traditional singer

He reached the national stage in Dublin, Ohio at the largest three-day Irish fest (Irish Families Entry) on the planet in 2014.[17] Vocalist with the Irish Roots Café house brand, he performed in the first all Irish language song stage showin the Midwest in 2012. He has the honor of singing Sean Nos (old style) at the annual Gaelic Mass in Kansas City and currently broadcasts live streaming song shows on the web. His songs can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Cdbaby, Amazon, Fandalism and iTunes today. He founded the ‘Sean Nos gathering’ in Kansas City in 2014 with five free events at four locations in the region, along with the band.His first album “Irish Song: Traditional and Sean Nos” is at:[18]

Top 10 Albums of Irish song

Michael’s first album, ‘Irish Song: Traditional Sean Nos was placed in the Traditional Music Archives in September, 2013 and named a top ten ‘Irish Traditional Album Song’ of the Year by Tradconnect out of Dublin, Ireland.

Irish language supporter

He founded and hosted the ‘Hello Fada’ podcast, with curious notes on Irish (gaeilge). He also publishes Irish language works, like ‘Tribes and Customs of Many’ and ‘HyFiachrach’. Mike is a noted singer in Irish and gives basic lessons in Sean Nos songs. He regularly holds Irish song events including ‘Seachtaine Na Gaeilge’ in the community and believes ‘old style’ song is best learned via oral tradition, by ears, in dialects seldom taught today. He has taken beginning Irish language instruction in San Antonio, TX; Dublin; OH; Kansas City; MO; and on the web.

Irish roots

Michael descends from O’Loughlin Kilfenora, County Clare, O’Donahue of Glenflesk, and Country Kerry, with Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He began leading Irish tours and he began an Irish import catalogue in the 80’s. He collected a 3,000 volume Irish library during those years. In 2004 he founded the ‘Irish Families’ DNA project at Familytreedna. A garage brand drummer in the 1960s, Mike started a printing company in a high school. In the 1980s he was the founder of the Irish American Culture Center in Kansas City and subsequently founded the Irish Roots Café. The Irish Roots Café is a world leader in Irish Genealogy and History. Mike is considered as the world’s most published author in the field of Irish Genealogy.[19][20]

The Irish Hedge School

He is also the founder of Irish Hedge School. It expands the reach of Irish Roots Café in many new areas. They have produced the first:

• 34 Book Irish Genealogy set;

• Irish Genealogy Broadcast;

• Missouri Irish Book and CD;

• Irish Song Podcast.

Media Appearances

His appearances are as follows:

National Public Radio and Television

Irish Hedge School Seminars

Grand Marshall (Yankton, SD) and judge (K.C.)in ST. Patrick’s Day Parades

The Dublin, OH Irish Festival for 15 years and Louisville, KY, Irish fest for 4 years

Speaking engagements in San Antonio, TX

Savannah, GA

Yankton, SD


And as a founding member of:

Irish Cultural



DNA and

Dance Groups

He also performs live concerts worldwide with the Irish Roots Café house band which began on October 27, 2013.[21]


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