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Mike Diver is a British journalist.[1][2]Template:Dead link He started his career at music website Drowned In Sound, where he became editor,[1] before moving on in 2008 to become editor of Clash magazine's website.[2] He has contributed to several magazines including NME, Kerrang! and ''Rock Sound, and additionally, under his own name and the name "Milton Savage," has been covering video games since 2012 for Kotaku, Vice, The Guardian and Edge.[3][4]

Diver was album reviews editor for BBC Music from 2009 until it was shut down in 2013.[5] While working at Drowned in Sound in 2008, he was selected by BBC News as one of 150 "influential and impartial UK-based music critics" to contribute that year's annual BBC Sound Of... poll.[6] He also contributed to the poll in 2010[7] and 2011.[8]

Diver has his own blog, From Sinking.[9] He has appeared as a pundit on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show,[10] BBC 6 Music, Xfm, BBC Radio 5 Live, BFBS and Amazing Radio, and has presented live shows for Diesel U Music and Green Man Radio. Under the name Milton Savage[no citations needed here], he has written a number of 'Savage Pixels' videogame columns for Drowned In Sound.[11] In 2013, he began writing videogames-related content for Vice,[12] and returned to Clash as online editor. In 2014 he began writing videogame articles for Edge.[13] His video game coverage has also been featured on Kotaku and The Guardian, covering a mix of new titles and classic games and platforms.[14]

Diver is currently UK Editor of VICE Gaming. [15]


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