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Miranda Esmonde-White is a dancer and the author of books and DVDs on exercise.

Dance career

Miranda Esmonde-White began her career dancing at the National Ballet School of Canada in Toronto.[1]

Exercise writer

Upon completing a career as a professional ballerina, she became a flexibility trainer, and developed her own technique, called "Essentrics", designed to relieve pain, increase athletes speed, and lengthen the muscles of the full body. [2] She is the creator of the fitness workout Essentrics, host of the PBS TV show Classical Stretch, and author of the New York Times Best Selling book Aging Backwards, published in November 2014.[3]

Her Essentrics work is presented as being primarily for middle-aged to older women. With her daughter, Sahra Esmonde-White, she has developed a distance learning teacher training system which includes printed manuals and DVDs. She has written a textbook, Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique , and hosts a series of Classical Stretch DVDs. [4]


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  • Essentrics Teacher Training Course (4 Levels) - 2009
  • Classical Stretch Text Book and Study Manual (published by Pearson Publishing) - 2004
  • Classical Stretch Teacher Training Manuals - 2000
  • "Classical Stretch - The Esmonde Technique: Full Body Workout," Vol. 1 and subsequent series through 2014. ASIN: B00K1MPGBK, by Miranda Esmonde-White, August 12, 2003[5]

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