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Moonfall is an action role-playing video game developed by a slovak studio Fishcow (Gomo) primarily for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile ports coming later.[1] The game will be released in Q1 2017 as the first game from the planned series.[2] The game features a real-time action battle system, RPG class-based system, skill trees for each role and a non-linear style of gameplay. Moonfall is the second game developed by Fishcow since their first point-and-click adventure game Gomo.


Moonfall is a 2D action role-playing game where players take control of an ordinary man from a farming family that was chosen and trained by the Imperial army, now serving his duty at the borders of the Margo region. The game revolves around real-time combat, a non-linear exploration and taking quests from non-player characters (NPCs) which are located in the main hub. The hub also provides a safe zone where players also buy and sell items for an in-game currency and collect rewards.

There are tree classes that can be chosen by a player at the beginning of the game, specifically Vanguard, Elemental Engineer and Shadow. Each class possesses a unique set of weapons and armor custimisation, skill treee and various abilities. Players level after gaining a certain amnout of experience points that can be obtained by killing enemies or completing quests. Every level brings points that can be spent to increase one of three talents (Attack Power, Mind Power, Luck) and unlock new spells or improving existing ones.

Except for common enemies and bosses, players can be harmed by several environmental hazards. Some are beneficial, others are not. For example, exploding mushrooms or toxic plants that can unexpectedly threaten players‘ lives.

In addition to a singleplayer game, various multiplayer modes are planned for the game. At the launch, the game should provide a local and online multiplayer modes like PvP arenas or spawning enemies in waves. The cooperation mode is also planned as an update in the future.


Moonfall is set in an alternative medieval world that never got out of the Dark Ages. Two centuries ago, at that time still a small empire began to enrich a mysterious oily liquid prepared by alchemists with radioactive rays radiating from the Moon in order to create a new, more powerful type of power – Lunarium. Lunarium is the source that was used by the empire to conquer much of the world, defeating all known cities, destroying all know nations. Even the empire was expanding and pushing out the exiles, the world has still been considered a peaceful land. But this all is about to change soon.


Moonfall has been in a development phase since November 2015. The game is planned for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux with later releases for the home consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and smartphones with operating systems iOS and Android. The developers released an announcement trailer on 2 November 2016.[3]