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Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst is the thirteenth game in the casual adventure game series Mystery Case Files published by Big Fish Games. It is the first game in the series to be developing by Eipix Entertainment[1]

Template:As of it is the final part of the Ravenhearst storyline.


From the previous game, Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst, as the Master Detective jumps out safely from the explosion into the water, the Detective is saved by a rescue boat, and was sent to a hospital due to injuries of a glass shard stabbed in to the arm. A nurse suggests a transfer to Manchester Asylum. As the Detective woke up in a cell, he/she witness a murder on a doctor who came to check. As it turns out, it was Charlotte, who infiltrated the asylum to find the shard under Alister's command. The Detective find a coin hiding in a sink, and witnesses a vision of Alister using a secret doorway under the bed. After a few solving, the Detective finds a mechanism, and uses it to escape the cell. As he/she reaches the stairs, Charlotte enters the storage room, so the Detective shuts the door remotely from the security room. But sadly, Charlotte gave the shard to Tanatos, which flew out, as her mission is successful, she pick something and throw at the security camera, cutting the feed. As the Detective scurries through Charlotte's belongings, he/she succeeds in escaping, and starts chasing in a car after Tanatos, which flew of the where the Ravenhearst Museum lie in ruins.

As the Detective ventures deep into the ruined museum, he/she witness Alister Dalimar murdered Gwendolyn, and enchants an old town rising from the water, saying that he waiter for this moment for centuries, to "the place where all began". After tracking down Alister to the front gate, where the door shuts between, the Detective to an alternative entrance into town to track Alister down. Upon surveying the old town, the first thing to witness is an argument between Alister and a woman named Morwyn, whose conversation got cut off by an explosion. Continuing, he/she found someone, whose face was encased in an ancient mask. After a few solvings, the current Master Detective meets with Ellen Hornebolt, another Master Detective, who still has unfinished business to deal with, so they join forces, until she drugs the current to sleep and locked him/her in an old torture room for its own safety. After escaping, the Detective enters the castle hallway, and confronts Morwyn, who tries to kill the detective with her potion, which backfires, melting her face and falling to her doom. Venturing down to the Well of Souls, the Detective confronts for one final threat, until Alister merges with Cedric and the Well of Souls. Ellen helps the Detective hold Alister off, and the Detective successfully destroys the crystal ball of fate, which destroys both souls of Alister and Cedric. Ellen fell to death after using much of her life force, and the souls rose from the Well of Souls, disappearing and causing the whole cave system to collapse. Tanatos tries to escape, but was now possessed by Ellen's soul, turn black to white, which charges into the Detective with a flash of light, where Ellen told the Detective that the case is now closed. Awaken, the Detective witness the old town sinking into the water under the light of dawn.


  • Gamezebo : 4,5/5[2]
  • All About Casual Game : 5/5[3]


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