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Naeem Ashraf Raja
Born 1967
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Director Biodiversity, Pakistan
Employer Ministry of Climate Change (Pakistan)
Government of Pakistan
employee as a forester

Naeem Ashraf Raja (Urdu: نعیم اشرف راجہ) is the Director of biodiversity in the Federal Government of Pakistan.[1][2]


A fellow of 'LEAD Pakistan',[3] Raja previously served as the Assistant Inspector General of Forests in the Ministry of Environment.[4]

Besides his environmental work with the Government of Pakistan, Naeem Ashraf Raja has also worked in the Palas valley with the Himalyan Jungle Project,[5] the Chiltan Markhor Preservation Project, and has also done consultancy work with Pakistan Wildlife Foundation.[6]

Along with his work for the environment, Naeem Ashraf Raja has also published his field research[7] in several venues,[8][9] presented his research at international conferences[10][11] and also reviews environment-related submissions for Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.[12]

Environmentalist role

Naeem Ashraf Raja often reviews and makes his comments to the Pakistani news media on the dangers to Pakistani forests[13] and biodiversity and in 2014 was also one of the two Pakistani delegates in Geneva to have won a $3.8 million Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Readiness grant for Pakistan.[1]


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