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Template:Very long Template:Underlinked oooh, orphan The NecroSeam Chronicles is an epic fantasy series imagined and written by author Ellie Raine and is set in the world of Nirus, following Xavier Devouh and his twin, Alexander Devouh as they travel the world on a series of quests. The first book in the series, Willow of Ashes, was first published November 7, 2016, by Dark Oak Press/Kerlak Enterprises.[1]

File:Willow of Ashes.jpg
Cover of Willow of Ashes

The Series

# Book Title Publication Date ISBN Publisher
1 Willow of Ashes Nov. 7th, 2016  ISBN 978-1-941754-74-0 Dark Oak Press/Kerlak Enterprises
2 Orbs of Azure
Pearl of Emerald
Phoenix of Scarlet
Blossom of Gold

The book follows Xavier Devouh and his twin brother, Alexander Devouh, who are two apprentice Reapers (knights of an underground kingdom called Grim) who travel across the world of Nirus while they share the same body. Their dual-existence began when Xavier’s soul had been ripped from his original body, which was thrown over a cliff by an unnamed assassin, and became trapped inside Alexander. Now nearing their twentieth year, the co-inhabiting twins travel in secret to find Xavier’s missing body, but they undergo a number of trials along the way and become the target of a demon queen and the undead horde she leads.

The story is written in first person with Xavier as the lead protagonist, but the perspective switches amongst a handful of characters throughout the book.


Xavier Madison Devouh

Race: Grimish

Shift: Wolf

Hallows: Necrovoking (Soul Half)


Heterochromia: his left eye is blue and the right eye is white. He has shadow-grey hair and a birthmark of three black diamonds (the Crest of Nirus) on his left hand located just under his knuckles.


Xavier is the main protagonist of Willow of Ashes. Although there are other characters who have their own perspective chapters, Xavier’s point of view is the most recurrent. He is the identical twin of his four-minute-younger brother, Alexander Devouh. Both Xavier and his brother are Necrovokers, magic-users with the element to control death, but their Hallows were split between them at birth. Xavier is only able to manipulate deceased souls while Alexander controls expired vessels.

The twins are the sons of Alice Devouh, Low Everland’s commanding general, and Lucas Devouh, the Death King’s appointed Eyes and acting ambassador of Low Everland. With the Devouhs’ noble status hanging a single step below the Death King himself, the twins were born into the lavish life of a high lord (Grimish lords and ladies are referred to as Howllord and Howless, unlike the Landish nobility who are given the honorific of Roarlord and Roaress). Through their inherited connections, the twins were arranged with betrothals at the early age of ten, though their marriages would not take place until they reached the legal age of twenty. By both their requests, Xavier had been arranged with Willow Ember, the Princess of Death, and Alexander had been arranged with Willow’s Aide, Lilliana Tessinger.

At the age of fourteen, Kael Treble, a yellow-eyed assassin with the Hallows of infection (an element thought extinct, with the exception of the Relicbloods) invaded the Death Palace during a festive ball. Many noble guests and Reapers were killed, including Lilliana’s mother, who had been the lieutenant of the Royal Guard, under command of her captain at the time, Alice Devouh. Kael’s primary target had been Willow at first, and so Xavier fled the grounds with his betrothed to escape. However, Kael pursued them and chased them to the surface, where he threw Xavier off a cliff. Before Xavier hit the ocean below, he lost consciousness and awoke inside his twin. They had lived in the same body for six years in secret, since Xavier was officially declared dead by the Death King and their co-inhabitation might be illegal, and although he doesn’t know where his body is or if it is still alive, Xavier and his brother have heard from a long-time friend who is studying abroad that a woman’s ghost may have found him.

The twins travel to the surface where this ghost was last seen, and although they don’t find her, they find her still-living son, Octavius Treble, who helps in the search for Xavier’s body.

The World of Nirus

Nirus is the world in which Willow of Ashes and the NecroSeam Chronicles are set. It is a world inhabited by shifters and is divided into five main realms: Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream, and Death. Each of these five realms control expansive territories throughout the world, the most disputed claims occurring between the Land and Ocean realms since their islands tend to be a bit ambiguous as to which borders they fall under. The realms have their own, individual emblems to represent them (which are the same emblems that Evocators are born with, if they’re from that respective realm. These symbols also represent the kingdoms’ patron Gods) but Nirus itself has one Crest, three black diamonds set in a tri-leaf pattern, which is echoed in all other emblems in some way.[2]

The Realms of Nirus

Nirus is the world in which Willow of Ashes is set. It features the five realms of Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream and Death. Each realm inherently has its personal follies and fortunes, and their militaries are focused on specialized jobs unique to their homeland countries.[3][4]


Everland and Neverland (Land)

The realm of Land comprises two continents called Everland (the main setting in Willow of Ashes) and Neverland (introduced in Orbs of Azure and featured fully in Pearl of Emerald). While the two continents are still under the jurisdiction of Shel’s patronage, the country underwent a cultural rift when its Relicblood was murdered by an unnamed Infeciovoker and an heir was not available to take over.

At the time of the realm’s paradigm shift, there had been one whole continent (Everland), but in the late 1500s, due to its sudden lack of leadership, there was much controversy over who would take the throne next. Half the country wanted a man on the throne and the other half wanted a woman. Instead of reaching an agreement, the two sides split the realm’s territories in half. Near the same time that this decision was made, the very land itself began to break due to a strange continental shift, and tore into two continents. No one in Nirus is exactly sure why this physical break happened alongside its cultural break, but many clergymen have speculated that Shel Himself tore apart the country as testament to His disapproval for either side’s actions.

Today, there are still those of the resistance who believe the true heir to Land’s throne will return.

The sacred Relic of Ever/Neverland is the Blossom of Gold.[2]


Culatia (Sky)

Culatia is made of floating islands in the sky which revolve around the globe exactly once per year (1 year=300 days on Nirus).  

The islands’ patron deity is Ushar, whose cultural philosophy is dedicated to the thrill of games first, and the hard work of serious matters second, which is the reverse for its cultural opposite, Marincia. The shifters of this realm are typically birds or winged dragons.

The sacred Relic of Culatia is the Phoenix of Scarlet.[2]


Marincia (Ocean)

Marincia’s territories are the islands between the two continents of Land. Their deity is Rin, whose cultural philosophy is dedicated to the hard work of serious matters first, and the relaxation of leisure activities second, which is the reverse for its cultural opposite, Culatia. The shifters of this realm are typically fish and other oceanic animals.

The sacred Relic of Marincia is the Pearl of Emerald.[2]


 Aspirre (Dream)

Aspirre is the most unique realm of the five. Unlike its physical neighbors, Aspirre is purely the subconscious plane to which shifters’ souls visit in their dreams. The realm itself is described as an empty void, but it is also mentioned that various roads and small, replica cities are found floating in the abyss. These roads and cities are created by local Somniovokers who have “woven” them together with their dream magic.

This realm is also unique because it exists in a plane that has no concept of “time”. The king of Aspirre, the Relic Child Dream, is said to have lived in his timeless kingdom for over 2,000 years, yet barely looks to be in his late teens or early twenties, since he lives there both physically and spiritually.

Aspirre’s patron deity is Iri, the God of Time.  Its sacred Relic is a trio of spheres called the Orbs of Azure.[2]


Grim (Death)

Grim is an underground kingdom of freezing caverns and wide, hollow tunnels which are located beneath the mid-realms of Land and Ocean. The continents are directly under Land’s continents, but are instead called “Low” Everland and “Low Neverland”. The cities are prefixed with “low” as well if they are directly (or approximately) located under the relative cities on the surface lands.

Grim’s ceiling is coated in long stalactites, but they are hidden within thick, twisting cavern mists that resemble the surface’s “clouds”. Within these clouds are cold, glowing balls called the “Floating Lights”, which are one of the only things the ghosts residing in Grim can touch.

Though Grim is the designated safe house for ghosts (due to the various mines where a specter-friendly mineral called Spiritcrystal is extracted and exported) the ghosts coinhabit the caves with living shifters as well.

Grim’s patron deity is Nira, the Goddess of Death. Its sacred Relic is a pure white willow tree called the Willow of Ashes.[2]

The Hallows

The Hallows are the “Gods’ Blessings”, which are elemental magics to which certain shifters are born. A shifter’s Hallows element is defined based on the realm they are from. For each realm, there are three elements. Those who have been Blessed (known as Evocators) are commonly given only one element, but there are a rare few who are born a Dual-Evocator and are Blessed with two elements. Those born without Hallows are often times known as the Hallowless.

Only the Relicbloods (those who are descendants of the Relic Children) have ever possessed all three of their patron realm’s Hallows.

Land Sky Ocean Dream Death
Terra: Rock Magic Astra: Storm Magic Aqua: Water Magic Somnio: Dream Magic Necro: Death Magic
Arbor: Plant Magic Imbri: Rain/precipitation Magic Glacia: Ice Magic Decepio: Illusion Magic Pyro: Fire Magic
Healer: Remedy Magic Aero: Wind Magic Pregra: Pressure Magic Seer: Prophetic Magic Infecio: Poison Magic



Evocators are shifters who are born with elemental magic. There are fifteen elements in total, though most Evocators only possess one element. In rare cases, some are born with two elements and are known as Dual-Evocators. 1 in 20,000 shifters are single-elemental Evocators and 1 in 1,000,000 shifters are Dual-Evocators.  


The Shifters

The world of Nirus is inhabited entirely by shifters, but they don’t seem to be the traditional shapeshifters who can transform from one human form to a full-on beast form. Throughout the series, the shifters of Nirus are seen possessing traits of some kind (Ringëd Fleedfûrt is the only exception in the books) but these traits usually only consist of wings, horns, claws, teeth, ears, tails, scales, fins, etc. In the series, it seems like most shifters are born with majority of their traits already showing (referred to as Primary Shifts), but some only appear when they are threatened or upset (teeth/talons/claws and even extra feathers/scales/fur).

Mammals seem to be the main beings whose traits actually shift, with their ears, claws and teeth. Antlers and horns are always out and don’t retract, nor do wings and scales. The fish shifters are the most unique since they can switch their Primary Shift to having tails or legs when they are in or out of water, and this is the largest range of shifting that happens in the books.[2]


The Knights and Other Professions of Note


The Reapers are the knights of Grim who serve under the Death King. They are sworn to reap the souls of the dead and protect others from changing into undead beasts if their soul isn’t reaped in time.

Xavier Devouh, Alexander Devouh, Jaqelle Malloy, Lilliana Tessinger, Willow Ember, and Octavius Treble are Reapers featured in Willow of Ashes.

Fundamental philosophy: “With death comes rebirth.”


I am a guide of fallen souls, for those death’s taken hold. 

Not a bringer of the end, all souls I will defend.

Never will I turn away if there are Seams untied; beside my Brothers I will stand, living or otherwise.

I’ll not let actions souls once took deter me from my duty; I will forgive old histories and never show one cruelty.

I am a destined guard who has been chosen from the masses, who only kneels and places faith within the wolf of ashes.

Protect, defend, preserve, and foster every life and afterlife; with this creed I will swear to conquer rotted strife.


I am a knight of Death, a Reaper of Grim.

Whether this life or the next, both in life and after death.[5]



Footrunners are the common police forces in the Land and Death realms. They are divided into different departments, such as patrol units, security guards, and investigative officers called Seekers.

Ringëd Fleetfûrt is a Seeker Footrunner in Willow of Ashes.



The Healers consist of Evocators with the Hallows of Remedy. Many Healers become doctors and nurses, but not all doctors are Healers and not all Healers are doctors. Those who do choose the medical career path are highly valued in all kingdoms, since they have a better understanding and education about how their Hallows works to its full potential.

Bianca Florenne, Sirra-Lynn Treble, and Rochelle Lann are Healers featured in Willow of Ashes


Rockraiders are the knights of Everland who serve the King of Everland and whose iconic weapons are typically swords. It is the Rockraiders’ jobs to tame violent Groundquakes and keep the people of Everland safe from Stonedragons.


Linolius Rennegaurd is an ex-Rockraider featured in Willow of Ashes.

Fundamental Philosophy: “Our strength is found in our courage.”



My courage is my honor and my honor is my strength; to preserve a life I swear I’ll go to any measured length.

I promise I will cast aside my fancies for this creed; I am a man of principle, there is no place for greed.

By the mountains will I stand, strong and ever vigilant; when I am tempted by the darkness, remember sacred covenant.

Dragon, groundquake, beast or God; ever will I swear my blade to keep a life from harm.

With my sword and naked hand, I pledge a heart of iron; my one and only fealty lies within the Golden Lion.

I am the rock to keep you steady when roads are cracked and sandy; I am the blade to keep you safe when you're too hurt to parry.

I am a knight of Everland; my blade is for my king.

Holding fast and holding true, for the old and new.[5]


Stormchasers are the knights of Culatia who serve the King of Sky and whose iconic weapons are typically archery bows with metal arrows. It is the Stormchasers’ jobs to tame chaotic storms and bring rain to areas undergoing severe droughts.

Aiden J’ausck is an ex-Stormchaser featured in Willow of Ashes.

Fundamental Philosophy: “If it isn’t fun, why bother?”



A wisp of wind, a spray of rain; when thunder cracks, I’'ll save the day!

While storms are often seen as dreary, I know true the clouds so cheery!

Though excited, I’ll not ignore my duties in the storm; and I’m prepared to face the dangers that for you may come.

Ready my stance and take my place, then off I go, no time to waste!

I’ll never deny a game of thrill, the Swallow of Scarlet will instill.

I am a knight who seeks excitement, one who welcomes Culatia’s enticement! 

Ready am I, a Stormchaser set,

Going and going, no time for regret![5]


Wavecrashers are the knights of Marincia who serve the King of Ocean and whose iconic weapons are typically tridents and harpoons. It is the Wavecrashers’ jobs to tame wild seas and lead ships to safe harbors.

Hecrûshou Goulla is an ex-Wavecrasher featured in the NecroSeam Chronicles.

Fundamental Philosophy: “Beauty is sculpted by our hard work and focus.”



I am a sailor’s patron in these waters, I concede; with grace and iced humility, I vow to guard the seas.

Be warned, I must, on duty for each wave may lap my cruelty; fancies wait till end of work, for I shall stay alert.

Whether fish or impish bird, I swear to be your light; guiding ships and seaward vessels through the dark of night.

 In coldest winds, in hottest rays, for weather I’ll not stop; a life’s a life, I understand, and will not let you drop.

Acting without pause, I will do what I feel sensible; ever I will swim beside the Seadragon of Emerald

I am he and she who plucks you from the storm's cold brew; I'm the one who dives for you when reefs have caught your crew.

I am a knight of Ocean, a Crasher of the waves.

Swimming far through seas and caves, for you I’m here to save.[5]



Dreamcatchers are the knights of Aspirre who serve the King of Dreams and have no specific weapons, since they can “weave” any tool they need in the subconscious realm. It is the Dreamcatchers’ jobs to keep souls alive while dreaming, else the dreamer will never wake up again.

Jimmy and Yulia are Dreamcatchers featured in Willow of Ashes.

Fundamental Philosophy: “The greatest illusions are right and wrong.”



I will act but to observe and assist when there is need; I’ll not judge dreaming souls while watching over them in sleep. 

I understand that all have vices, and no one lacks of virtue; their spoken words and actions done will never prove to stir me.

I will consider outcomes for every small decision, and know that any action or event has repercussion.

Those of us who share this creed know well to heed its words; if one were to stray away, I know it’s not my say.

Every soul is precious and must be kept from hazard, and so I pledge my loyalty to the fox of azure.

I am the one who wakes you when your dreams are filled with darkness; I am the one who keeps you safe and weaves away your sadness. 

I am a knight of Aspirre, a Catcher of Dreams.

Here I am and there I was, and now will always be.[5]


The Necrofera

In Willow of Ashes, the Necrofera, also known as “The Wild Dead”, are the demonic products of what happens when a shifter’s necroseam isn’t cut in time by a Reaper and the still-trapped soul rots inside the expired body, causing the soul and vessel to merge. When a Necrofera is created, the demon losses its memories of when it was alive and becomes feral, hungry for flesh and clean souls whichhelps them gain strength.

There are three classes of Necrofera recorded in Willow of Ashes:

Class 3 

A Class 3 Necrofera is a common, feral demon whose rotten soul is exposed and slithering around its body. This class has no control over their hunter's instinct and often die quickly by the scythes of the Reapers.[6]

Class 2

A Class 2 Necrofera is the rarest demon who has gained its sentience (and humanoid form) by eating 10,000 souls over the course of its suspended undead life. This class is the rarest because most Class 3 Necrofera are killed long before they reach this level.[6]

Class 1

A Class 1 Necrofera is a demon who possessed Hallows before they died. They first awaken as their original, humanoid forms, but still lose their memories of being alive.

These Necrofera are among the elite. A demon is either born as a Class 1 or they aren't.  [6]

The Necroseam

The necroseam is a ghostly thread which sews a soul to its vessel. When a shifter of Nirus dies, the souls is still bound to its body by their necroseam. If three days pass without a Reaper coming to cut the necroseam and free the soul from its expired vessel, the trapped soul rots inside its corpse and merges into an undead creature that can only be killed by a weapon made of Spiritcrystal.


Nirussian Items and Minerals


Olium is lightweight, extremely durable mineral that is found in the deeper caves of Grim, where the veins are closest to the planet’s magma-filled mantle and are in a constant liquefied state until extracted and left to cool. Once cooled, the metal can be crated, but forging the material is incredibly difficult and only skilled smiths are able to handle the task.


Spiritcrystal is a mineral found in the caverns of Grim. It is a unique crystal which physical skin cannot touch. Adversely, it is one of the few things ghosts can make contact with. The Reapers use this crystal to forge their specialized scythes which allows them to cut a shifter’s necroseam without damaging the body.


Vision-gems are minerals found in the Land realm’s mines which, when broken apart, can show what the other piece is reflecting. Modern technologies led by Culatia’s top inventors in 2102 A.B. have learned to harness Vision-gems to bring devices such as Vision-screens and communicators.



Levi-stones are magnetized rocks that are repelled only by the planet’s core, causing them to be pushed into the air and kept suspended so long as the oppositely-charged side is facing the core. Culatia’s islands are made of these stones, which is speculated by many geologists as to the reason Culatia’s islands float.  



Storage-gems are a gummy, gel-like mineral found in Everland’s mines. When an object is pushed inside, that object’s size and weight shrink to a fifth of its original mass, until that object is removed and reintroduced to oxygen.

Yinklît Gel

Yinklît Gel is sap from a long-leafed plant that is native to Culatia. It is similar to the Aloe vera plant, but instead of possessing soothing properties when applied to burns, Yinklît Gel dampens all Hallows effects when an Evocator’s hands are coated in the substance. If the gel is drunk, it can cause serious damage to an Evocator’s Hallows for several days, and in some cases, it can wipe their magic connection permanently.



Shotri are the latest ranged weapons created by Culatia’s top weapon-smiths. They require ammunition made of meta-glass pellets with entrapped elemental magics which, when fired, cause damage or temporary paralysis on a target, depending on the element the pellet housed.


Meta-glass is an alloyed material which combines Flexi-glass as the outer layer and Yinklît Gel on the inner layer. With this, Culatia’s top weapon-smiths have used these to make Shockspheres, Flamespheres, Splashspheres and the like, which are then used as ammunition for Shotri.


A gummy, gel-like glass found in Culatia’s mountain peaks that can be stretched and manipulated with ease while still wet. Once it has been through a kiln, it solidifies and become as fragile as normal glass.

The Dragons of Nirus

For every element of Hallows (with the exception of all Dream Hallows), there is a dragon that embodies that element.

Land Sky Ocean Dream Death
Stonedragon Skydragon Seadragon Bonedragon
Barkdragon Shockdragon Vicedragon Flamedragon
Landragon Nimdragon Frostdragon Poisondragon

The Harmonist Religion

The Void and the Great Unknown

The Void is considered purgatory for rotten and sinful souls in the Harmonist religion. It is believed that once the Goddess Nira has Cleansed these souls of their rot and sin, she takes them to the Great Unknown, which is thought to be the “waiting room” for souls to be reborn again.


The Gods


Nira is the Goddess of mourning, loss, faith, pain, tragedy, and honor. 

Associated Hallows:

fire, death, and poison.


A scythe, a spinning wheel or needle, and a Fallen Light. 


The Seamstress is depicted as a woman with long, ashen hair and ashen eyes who can shapeshift into an ashen wolf. 

The Almighty Mother of Death, it is widely believed that Nira is the Cleanser of all spirits rotten and tainted, though not the destroyer. They say She takes old souls whose afterlives have expired and uses their essence to create new souls. Those new souls She creates are passed to Shel, God of life, to bring that new spirit into the physical world to be born anew. Nira is blamed for many misfortunes and tragedies, though She is too often misunderstood as the cause. It is said that She does not take joy in the sorrow of others, and Her empathy for the pain Her followers undertake is why She is the Goddess of mourning. It is because of the despair She feels for those lost that She takes on the duty of guiding the fallen into new life. Nira sees betrayal as the worst of sins, and it is believed that She sends those who disregard honor towards companions to the Void, where their corruption must be Cleansed before using their essence for new souls.

  Nira’s Relic:

The Willow of Ashes.[7]


Iri is the God of tranquility, wisdom, patience, slumber, time, and trickery.

Associated Hallows: 

sleep, illusion, and prophecy. 


A shepherd’s crook, a bell, and a large crystal ball.


The Shepherd is depicted as a child with azure hair and azure eyes who can shapeshift into an azure fox.  

The wise God of slumber and time, Iri is the third son of Nira and Shel. He is known as the scribe of past, present and future happenings, and is the true weaver of dreams. It is said that Iri is a God with a curious mind. Often, He studies the dreams of others and questions the reasons behind their subconscious wants and fears. Always a trickster, though not out of sport, He occasionally sends dreams to those who need answers, but He prefers the dreamer to discover the answer themselves, for He believes the journey taken to bring them to the answer delivers more use than the answer itself. Those with a wise mind and talent for riddles are said to be blessed by Iri. 

Iri’s Relic:

The Orbs of Azure.[7]


Rin is the God of beauty, majesty, grace, water, focus, and art. 

Associated Hallows:

water, ice, and pressure. 


a trident, a chisel and mallet, and a lyre.


The Artist is depicted as a young man with emerald hair and emerald eyes who can shapeshift into a Seadragon. 

The second son of Nira and Shel, many believe Rin favors the majesty of dance and art. They say He is a lover of music and admirer of elegance and poise. Rin is often depicted as a God of grace and beauty, and others who are beautiful are thought to have been blessed by Rin Himself. It is said that Rin believes one who is set on a task should not idle with other distractions until that task is complete, for if one is to take on a task, one must put forth all their heart and effort to master their performance. Rin is not one to be bothered, and so His brother, Ushar, God of laughter, often finds amusement in disrupting his concentration. 

Rin’s Relic:

The Pearl of Emerald.[7]


Ushar is the God of thrill, joy, amusement, storms, laughter, and games. 

Associated Hallows:

wind, rain, and storms. 


A bow and arrow, a lightning bolt, and a feather.


The Archer is depicted as a young man with scarlet hair and scarlet eyes who can shapeshift into a Skydragon. 

First son of Nira and Shel, it is believed that Ushar is never one to turn down a game or challenge. He is said to seek amusement and thrill, and while He plays in the skies of the physical plane, He creates storms and gusts of wind. His wit is said to be unmatched, and has been rumored to have made even the melancholy Nira laugh with His clever quips. Only the wise Iri has proven a worthy challenger of wit against Ushar, and so when He is not pestering His stern brother, Rin, He plays a game of riddles with the clever Iri. Those with a quick tongue and talent for athletics are said to be blessed by Ushar.  

Ushar’s Relic:

The Phoenix of Scarlet[7]



Shel is the God of power, courage, life, healing, protection, and harmony.

Associated Hallows:

rock, plant and remedy.


a broadsword, a shield, and a gardening spade.


The Gardener is depicted as a man with golden hair and golden eyes who can shapeshift into a lion.  

The proudest of the five deities, it is believed that Shel is the God to whom Nira gives the newly created souls, so they may be born into the physical world. He is a true leader, the Almighty Father of life, where Nira is the Almighty Mother of death. Shel is said to bring peace and harmony to those in discord and provides protection and healing. Those with strength and courageous hearts are said to be blessed by Shel. 

Shel’s Relic:

the Blossom of Gold.[7]



Harmonism is the universally most common religion in Nirus. It is a pagan religion which worships and acknowledges the existence of the five deities: Nira, Iri, Rin, Ushar, and Shel. Each of these deities are believed to be patrons of their appointed realms, where they have a symbiotic relationship with the lands.

While some shifters only believe in the existence of one deity (typically the deity connected with the realm in which that shifter was born), these monotheists are greatly outnumbered by those who follow the shared deities of Harmonism.[7]


Nirussian Languages


Grimish is the native language of the Death realm, Grim. Before Death and the other Relic Children were born, Grimish was spoken nationally by the Grimlings. However, during the reign of Death’s birthmother, Queen Nathaleih Shyuhou Ember, she was enthralled with the Landish language and is credited with building its vast popularity in Grim, making it the new primary language in time. Though Grimish is still widely spoken by native Grimlings, Landish is still the dominant language today.

 Examples of Grimish in song form can be found on the official NecroSeam website.


The native language of Marincia.


The native language of Culatia.

The Children of the Relics

The Children of the Relics are the children born of physical mothers whose souls were chosen and blessed by the Gods of Nirus. For each of the five realms, one Relic Child was born: Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream, and Death. To this day, the Relic Children have long been dead and reincarnated for over 2,000 years, their royal Bloodline passed down through the ages. The only Relic Child still alive today is Dream, who doesn’t age at a regular pace due to his timeless residency in the subconscious plane of Aspirre.

Each Relic Child was hailed as the Chosen Divines by the realms, since they were the only shifters born with all three of their realm’s elemental Hallows.

Land was a Terravoker, Arborvoker, and Healer.

Sky was an Astravoker, Imbrivoker, and Aerovoker.

Ocean was an Aquavoker, Glaciavoker, and Pregravoker.

Dream was a Somniovoker, Decepiovoker, and Seer.

Death was a Necrovoker, Pyrovoker, and Infeciovoker.


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