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"Never Hillary", sometimes, "Never Clinton",[1] and Stop Hillary Hillary Haters[2] or #NeverHillary was the informal name for[3][4] political opposition of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential bid.[5] The sentiment was shared by some Republicans[4] and Democrats.[3]


Some members of this effort decided to vote for Donald Trump for the Presidency of the United States.[5][6][7] Other members, according to the Los Angeles Times, could not decide on whether to vote for either Trump or Hillary.[1] New York Magazine referred to Never Hillary as a movement in a headline.[8] An opposing movement, called the Stop Trump movement, also existed. Some individuals believed it would be unable to dump trump if they aren't able to stop hillary.[9]

Super Pacs

One Super Pac called American Crossroads and formed by Karl Rove utilized a NeverHillary ad campaign in an effort to stop the election of Hillary Clinton.[10] Additionally another Super Pac was formed and utilized the name Stop Hillary in an effort to stop the election of Hillary Clinton to presidency.[2] This particular superpac continued to utilize the name despite being requested to change it's name by the FEC.[2] A large group has also made large scale attempts to discredit Hillary Clinton by uncovering past scandals.[11]

Support for Trump

Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock wrote in the New York Post reasons why was part of Never Hillary.[12] Some members went for Trump over Hillary because they believed that Trump wasn't as bad as Hillary.[3] There were others who supported Trump because they believed the system was rigged.[3]

Bernie Sanders supporters

Some Sanders believed that Bernie Sanders was a "stronger" candidate.[13] A contingent of Bernie supporters described themselves as "Bernie or Bust" and refused to vote for Clinton.[6] This was based on the belief that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Congress sabotaged the primary against Bernie Sanders[14] after allegations that 125,000 votes that were purged from Bernie Sanders in New York.[3] According to New York Magazine, Bernie tried to break the Never Hillary Movement.[8] Despite this many supporters of Bernie simply believed that they were never going to switch allegiance for the general election.[15] This was despite the view of some Bernie supporters that Trump was grotesque.[16] In the New York Post, it was stated that a large faction of Bernie Supporters vowed to never vote for Hillary and it could affect her chances in the November election.[17] According to the LA Times, Evan McMullin was "the last best hope for the Never Clinton and Never Trump masses".[1]

Hillary Clinton

According to the Slate Magazine very few politicians have achieved the level of dislike that Hillary Clinton has.[18][19]


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