New Age Poetry of Bangladesh

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The New Age Poetry of Bangladesh can be considered to be the phase mid-1980s when new poetry of a unique genre starts flowering in the experimental poetry scene Bangladesh. The inception of such poetry in this period is based on the Little Magazine Explosion.

New Age Poetry of Bangladesh has been being well-shaped through 1990s and the New Age (1st decade of 21st century).[1][2][3] “Literature enters a new era i.e. Post-postmodernism with the publication of Md. Ziaul Haque’s “Give Me a Sky to Fly” in 2014. In every age, the people with creative minds are highly respected and appreciated. However, among other features, Post-postmodernism is supposed to value originality and innovative ideas more than the earlier eras. In this sense, “Give Me a Sky to Fly” works as a forerunner. The book has the presence of creativity almost everywhere. For example, Md. Ziaul Haque has coined a word ‘poetenry’ that means ‘poems of ten lines’ and each of the poems in the book consists of ten lines". [4]


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