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The New America Party, abbreviated NAP, is an American political movement and party for the advancement of Government Reform, Centrist Ideology, and Multi-Party Representation. [1] NAP has grass roots in 2 states, and has political levy and influence in minor offices in its grassroots designated areas.

Political platform

NAP lists its core beliefs on its websites 'Our Platform' page, this is the text provided:[2]

Church & State

NAP stands for democracy, as one, with pure democracy, comes many pure freedoms. NAP supports Religious Freedom. The Government & Church shouldn’t be intertwined, neither should incorporate each other and should have complete separation.


Education should be a fundamental right everywhere. We believe in the current system but have it more tailored to what minors want to become when they grow up, learning fundamental skills that will help them in their profession. High School & College should be tailored to help you in the future, and should provide relevant information. General Education or ‘GE’ classes should emphasize STEM programs, and focus more on career education. If a student wants to do business or law, s/he should take a bare minimum of science classes and other non-related classes, and vise versa. If a student wants to do business or law than s/he’s GE for Science lets say for example is generally 3 years (3 Credits), should be lowered to 1 year to fit in more classes about his/her future profession. Besides education reform, we believe in that all states should independently manage their own education programs while following basic guidelines by the Federal Government.

Electoral/Government Reform

Our biggest subject! The New America Party as said a lot advocates a multi-party system. A multi-party system that should break up or lessen the mass grip of the Democratic and Republican Party in the USA. For example, the Democratic Party should be broken up into 2 parties 'The Greens' and the 'Social Democrats'. The Republican Party should be broken up into 2 parties as well "The Conservatives" and the "The Tea Party". This would create 4 parties and adding New America, the centrist party, would create the 5 major parties of America that would provide such better choice than the powerful 2. Creating new parties will allow Americans to vote for what they believe in, because each party has an ideology, sometimes Tea Party members don't vote Republican because they diverge from their beliefs and same with some Greens that feel some democrats aren't as supportive. This will allow for greater voter turnout because people can stand by what they believe in and have more choices. For elections the NAP believes in the d'Hondt/Jefferson method where people vote for their party and depending on how many popular votes they get that percentage is changed to the percentage of seats they get in Congress. With a multi-party system comes also the ability to have to make coalitions because with 5 parties it is extremely hard for one party to get 50% of Congress. Coalitions entail that the parties evolved split executive power. More will be talked in the Executive Reform below.

Executive Reform

NAP believes that the President acting as Head of State and Head of Government is too much. Many countries of the world carry a President and a Prime Minister. NAP supports having a Prime Minister as Head of Government and a President as Head of State. The Prime Minister seat would be given to the largest party and they would be commander-in-chief and create a cabinet. As said above if a coalition is made the parties within it split executive power that means that the largest party and the other party or parties in the coalition get to have cabinet seats so the cabinet may not always be all just one party as most are in America. The President of the USA would act as a head of state, a figure head for foreign policy and the department of state whilst the Prime Minister maintains the government and internal affairs.


We all agree that we need methods to produce efficient, and cheap electricity and with hopes of limiting environmental impact. NAP supports Nuclear Energy & Alternative Energies. Nuclear Energy is our top priority, it is cleanest method of producing massive amounts of electricity. Nuclear Energy is also the safest way of producing energy, as coal and oil can cost many lives in pollution and other effects whilst Nuclear Energy has only had very few incidents in history. Countries like France get 75% of their energy from Nuclear Power which we hope to climb up to.

Fiscal Policy

Income Tax should always between 10-35%, Estate (Death) Tax should be eliminated, Corporation Tax should try to stay in a normal range and not go up any further as it causes economic downfall when raising taxes on businesses. We believe in lowering taxes slightly for all Americans, we still need taxes, sadly, but we should make efforts to reduce them and make a more better written and less complex tax code.


Healthcare should be universal for westernized, democratic, and great nations like the United States. The government currently is bad doing public care, look at the DMV and VA.. We believe in creating a Public Healthcare System where government employees work for the PEOPLE. All government employees should be able to be fired, no tenure shall ever apply to government employees. Government employees are subject to customers and patients to rate them on performance, and it must be a good standard. We can make Public Healthcare good my making the government employees work for the people and the removal of tenure and the bringing back of professionalism.


America is the land of opportunities and the ability to become a high up CEO, artist, waitress, electrician, politician, manager, and anything if you try hard enough. Illegal Immigration cheats the system of people waiting to gain access, however deportation is not the answer, if we rounded up all illegals than we would have a serious economic downfall as most illegal immigrants are paid well below the min wage and don't have quality work places. We should work on however normalizing illegals, getting them to start paying taxes and slowly being worked into the system, lightly, so we don't get the harsh impact of mass acceptance or mass deportation. We should keep all immigrants legal and illegal here, but not allow any more illegal immigration, we should enforce better border security and insure no more illegal persons come through. However amnesty for the ones here for the protection of the economy, and we should work to make them citizens slowly as said.

Infrastructure and Transportation

America needs advanced infrastructure and transportation systems, we should invest more into them. We need to embrace future systems and future transportation. Investing in Transportation and Infrastructure is investing in the American Economy. The Sub-Department of Infrastructure Modernization should be created to enhance and put these motions in place. States and the Federal Government should insure roads are kept in good condition and construction should be paid based on COMMISSION not by time, to enhance times, and speed up construction times. Americans hate road and transport construction and we should make it faster and insure all projects are by commission, and they don't get their money until the project is done.

National Security & Foreign Policy

America’s current defense budget is sufficient now, however we should always make sure our military is paid good, they risk their lives and should get paid better than the average person in the USA. We should always look into modernizing our military but we don’t need to spend so much. We should keep our current military budget for now and just insure all money is efficiently used. Our Foreign Policy should be to encourage and be friends and allies with all democratic nations, and condemn all non-democratic nations. We stand as a leader of democracy and should promote a worldwide use of the democratic system. We should help our allies, and be apart of International Affairs. We should take a good helm on International Affairs. Ignoring the rest of the world will only bring darkness. We should continue our fight against Terrorism but insure we do not give weapons to unrecognized groups. We should only do things in other countries if the country it is in, and the countries around it, approve of taking such action. We should work in join with the EU and NATO in all interventions to insure we won’t be the lone dog. If the EU and NATO share a common view with us, we can take our actions in place. Blinding ourselves to other nations is bad. We need to hear all parts before we take action.

Reproductive / LGBT Rights

It’s seriously not a government matter, the government should not bother itself with what happens in relationships or bedrooms. If both consent, than its fine.

With abortion, we should have concerns on whether the babies are able to feel it, abortion in the 1st Trimester should be allowed but in the 2nd and 3rd Trimester is pushing it. If a family truly doesn’t want and won’t love the child then thats a bad choice but the best for the child would be taking that measure. We should actively promote awareness and telling mothers if they want an abortion to do in in 1st Trimester and tell the bads of doing it in later trimesters. We won’t implement any policy but merely encouraging, everyone has right to do what they want with their bodies.

2nd Amendment / Gun Rights

We should implement a policy in which a simple exam is required to purchase guns. A person just should go and make sure they are psychologically fit before purchasing a gun, if they are fit, they may. This exam can be done by any local doctor.


New America Party hasn't published its membership number, but claims in two states Kansas and North Carolina, that their are members in.

Registered state affiliates

  • Kansas
  • North Carolina[3]