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Next Caller is a telecommunications technology firm in New York City, New York. Next Caller provides a service to analyses phone calls to verify callers in real-time.[1] Next Caller's services are designed to identify Caller ID spoofing as a way to combat fraud.

Next Caller's office space


Next Caller was co-founded in 2012 by Ian Roncoroni. Roncoroni proposed the idea for an alternative to traditional caller ID[2] after losing a rental car reservation when the company believed his name was Ron Coroni instead of Ian Roncoroni.[3]

Next Caller launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013,[4] and was accepted into Y Combinator's Winter 2014 Batch.[5] On August 28, 2017 Next Caller raised a $5 million Series A funding round.[6][7]


Next Caller's API was originally intended to reduce customer service hold times and friction at the beginning of a call.[8] Next Caller now attempts to identifying unknown inbound callers by detecting caller ID spoofing.[9]

Next Caller uses a proprietary algorithm named "VeriCall" to analyze carrier-level metadata. The algorithm is designed to detect caller ID spoofing and verify real calls, with a success rate of between 75-80% depending on the call subset.[no citations needed here] Next Caller uses the REST API and authenticates through 0Auth 1.0a.[10]

Next Caller also publishes articles and reports on authentication,[11][12] fraud,[13] and machine learning.[14]


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