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Musical artist

Njord is a Swedish Viking rock band from Sweden. The band was formed in 2003 by Mathias Hellhoff and Johanna Ersson. The band name refers to the sea god Njord in Norse mythology.

In 2003, the group appeared on the compilation album "Party på Valhall!" with the stand in drummer Andreas Momqvist from the punk band Soypooh. The same year Momqvist became the band's guitarist and Patrik Björkmann, also from Soypooh, became the new drummer. 2005, Momqvist and Björkmann left the band because of internal conflicts and devoted themself to Momqvist's solo project Nidhöggs Vrede (Nidhöggs wrath). A year later Björkmann returned to the group. The same year, Daniel Eklund became the band's new guitarist. 2008, the record company Vikingarock Records released Njord's debut album Mot Himlen... 2011, Njord started making songs for their second album. 2012, Eklund left the band because of lack of time and he did his last gig at Kuggnäsfestivalen, where Njord released their new album För Sverige.

The following year Njord celebrated 10 years as a band and celebrated by releasing the digital album Fordom containing older recordings between 2003–2006. 2015, Johanna left the band. She made her last gig at Kuggnäsfestivalen. 2016, they presented the new band members Stefan Johansson, from Völund Smed and Hel and Nicklas Ek, also from Völund Smed. On 20 May they released the song Den Ende (The One) It's the first song by the new line-up.


  • Mathias Hellhoff – Vocals och guitar (2003–)
  • Nicklas Ek – Guitar (2016– )
  • Stefan Johansson – Bass and vocals (2015–)
  • Patrik Björkmann – Drums (2003–2005 2006–)

Past members

  • Johanna Ersson – Bass (2003–15)
  • Daniel Eklund – Guitar and vocals (2006–12)
  • Andreas Momqvist – Guitar and vocals (2003–05)


År Titel
2012 För Sverige
  • Album
  • Released: 26 July
2008 Mot Himlen...
  • Album
  • Released: 26 July
År Titel
2016 Den Ende
  • Single
  • Released: 20 May
2012 Sigurd Fafnesbane
  • Single
  • Released: 31 October
2012 Det Regnar Överallt
  • Single
  • Released: 25 June
2012 Stolta Vikingar
  • Single
  • Released: 19 June
2007 Mot Himlen...
  • Single/Promo
  • Released: 3 August
År Titel
2013 Fordom
  • Compilation album
  • Released: 20 August
2010 Havin A Laugh And Havin A Say
  • Compilation album
  • Released: N/A
2006 Carolus Rex VIII
  • Samlingsverk
  • Released: May 2006
2004 Carolus Rex VII
  • Compilation album
  • Released: May 2004
2003 Party På Valhall!
  • Compilation album
  • Released: 2003
År Titel
2010 För alltid patriot
  • DVD
  • Movie premiere: 10 December

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