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Nk.F (Nikola Feve)
Born Nikola Feve
Occupation Composer, Music producer
Years active Since 2015

Nk.F, also known as Nikola Feve is a composer and music producer.[1][2][3][4]

Nk.F has collaborated with PNL,[5] Damso,[6] Orelsan,[7] Niska,[8] Hornet La Frappe, Siboy,[9] Lorenzo, Synapson, Yelle.


This is a non-exhaustive discography of the musical works in which Nk.F took part as a record producer, arranger, mixer, mastering engineer or composer.

Record producer


PNL: Que la famille (2015), Le monde Chico (2015), Dans la légende (2016)

Mixing, arranging & mastering


  • PNL: Que la famille (2015), Le monde Chico (2015), Dans la légende (2016)
  • Synapson: SUPER 8 (2018)
  • Damso: Lithopédion (2018), Ipséité (2017)
  • Orelsan: La fête est finie (2017)
  • Niska: Commando (2017)
  • Hornet la Frappe: Nous-mêmes (2017)
  • Siboy: Spécial (2017)
  • Lorenzo: Rien à branler (2018)


  • Angèle - La loi de Murphy (2017)


Nk.F co-wrote and produced the beat of the following songs :

  • Damso - Julien (2018)[1], Une âme pour deux (2017)[3]
  • PNL - Tu sais pas (2016), Uranus (2016), Luz de luna (2016), Dans la légende (2016)[4]