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OPSWAT is a cybersecurity company founded in 2002.[no citations needed here] Based in San Francisco, CA, they focus on cyberthreat prevention including a focus on malware, sensitive information, and application vulnerabilities.[no citations needed here]


In 2004, OPSWAT launched their first product, the OESIS Framework SDK,[no citations needed here] aimed at enabling software engineers and technology vendors to develop products to secure and manage endpoints, and detect and manage third-party software applications.[no citations needed here]

In 2006, the company released MetaDefender,[no citations needed here] which detects and prevents cybersecurity threats in data that originates from a variety of sources, including email, BYOD, the cloud, and web portals.[no citations needed here] This was later expanded to MetaDefender Content Security, a platform for DevOps and SecOps aimed at providing protection alongside existing security solutions.[no citations needed here] This was also expanded to cloud technology.[no citations needed here]

In 2014 the company launched MetaAccess, which prevents risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications.[no citations needed here]

OPSWAT released MetaDefender Drive in 2018, which improves device trustworthiness for organisations, by inspecting any file on the device for a range of forms of vulnerability or risk.[no citations needed here]

In 2018 the company's Content Disarm Reconstruction (CDR) technology was ranked number one by the US Government out of five similar vendors.[no citations needed here]


The company offers a range of technologies as part of its services, including:[no citations needed here]

  • Central Management - multiple product management.[no citations needed here]
  • MetaDefender Kiosk - isolated network threat protection.[no citations needed here]
  • MetaDefender Vault - secure file transfer and storage technology.[no citations needed here]
  • MetaDefender Email Security - protection that secures against risks not detected by other methods deployed by Office 365 and G Suite.[no citations needed here]
  • MetaDefender ICAP - network appliance integration technology.[no citations needed here]
  • OPSWAT Agent - a free malware analysis tool available.[no citations needed here]
  • OPSWAT Certification Program - establishing compatibility of endpoint security applications, based on 100 endpoint security application vendors who participate, protecting 100 million devices through access control and zero trust vendor solutions.[no citations needed here]
  • OESIS Framework SDK - a solution for OEM customers which integrates the company's advanced endpoint security features for 100 million endpoints.[no citations needed here]


The company claims to currently have over 1,000 customer accounts in over 70 countries, including:[no citations needed here]

  • 5 of the 10 largest U.S. organizations in the Banking, Financial, and Insurance sectors.[no citations needed here]
  • 6 of the 10 largest energy companies in the world[no citations needed here]
  • 3 of the 5 largest aerospace companies in the world[no citations needed here]
  • 98% of commercial and research nuclear power plants in the United States[no citations needed here]

Office Locations

OPSWAT is headquartered in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco.[no citations needed here]

OPSWAT also has other office locations in: