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Musical artist

Oni Hasan (born 1 August 1985) is a renowned celebrity, guitarist and composer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is best known as the lead guitarist and composer of the Bangladeshi heavy metal-hard rock band Warfaze from late 2006 to January 2015. Oni Hasan was also the lead guitarist-composer of a Bangladeshi heavy metal band named "Vibe" during the initial days of his career. Oni Hasan was a member of Bangladeshi metal band Warfaze which also featured the vocal talent of Mizan Rahman along with Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu (drums and percussion), Shams Mansoor Ghani (keys), Naim Haque Roger (bass), as well as legendary guitarist Ibrahim Ahmad Kamal (guitar). Past members of the band included Babna Karim, Sunjoy, Russel Ali, Faud Ibn Rabbi, Saidus Salehin Khaled Summon, Iqbal Asif Jewel, Balam, Biju, Cézanne, and Sazzad Arefeen

Early life

Saleh Hasan Oni was born on 1 August 1985; in Faridpur. He is of Bangladeshi descent and comes from a family of greater Comilla district, where musicians like Ustad Allauddin Khan, S.D. Burman, and R.D Burman have grown up. He is the eldest child of the family, with two younger brothers, Sunny and Sayem Hasan. His father Mr. Kamrul Hasan is a textile engineer and his mother Ruma Hasan is a home maker. His father played classical instrumentsTemplate:Which and the two younger brothers are guitarists as well.[1]

Musical influences

Being a self-taught musician he started playing the guitar at the age of 18. In an exclusive interview named "ONI MANIA" given to the episode magazine he says "Sunny (his younger brother) used to play the guitar and by seeing him, I used to play a little too, but as time passed by, I was getting more into the guitar, I got more serious and would actually spend 10 hours of my time on guitar each day. I became a guitar freak later on, there was this guy who used to live downstairs, who basically showed me my first guitar chords, that was it, I went with my life like that, with 7 chords only I would practice on my own, never had a teacher, would learn from magazines, books, and mostly what helped me was that I knew sa re ga ma from my dad, I would jam with TV, radio and I would play whatever I heard, so there it was, I sacrificed all my friends and all other recreations of life and would just concentrate on my playing and played till my fingers bled."[2] His major influences are guitarists like Dimebag Darrel, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, and Paul Gilbert. .


His career started like any other typical underground musician. He worked his ways up, starting from the very basic to the top. The first band that he started playing with was called Illusive Dreams. He did his first ever live gig with them at RCC, the birthplace of tons of musicians in Bangladesh. He was soon asked to play in one of the then prominent underground bands called Dethrow. After that he started doing gigs with bands like Warfaze, Art Cell, Stentorian, Aurthohin at a very young age, just within 3 years of learning guitar. Feeling that the band wasn’t moving towards anything he had to make a move; he quit and was soon asked to join the band called Metal Maze. He stayed in the band for a year or so, and in the mean time he also joined the band called Vibe in the late 2005. After which he started recording Vibe's debut album "Chena Jogot"

Vibe-Chena Jogot (2007)

Chena Jogot came out in the year 2007, got nationwide appreciation, and soon it was a huge hit in the country. (Shopnodeb, Shesher Opashey, Bidhatari Rongey Aka, Chena Jogot, Odhora, Money Porey, Ashar Prodip Jeley, Urey Choley Jae, Amar Shongbidhan, Obak Shob Shopno, Nostalgia) Vibe released a single "Otripto praan" in the band mixed album Underground 2 in the following year. And won the 4th City Cell Band award in the year 2008. Vibe members had to leave the country for higher studies and the band's in a pause ever since. After this he got the big break in Warfaze.

Career with Warfaze

Warfaze-Pothchola (2008)

He was asked to join Warfaze by Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal, founder and lead guitarist of Warfaze in the late 2007. He joined Warfaze with the line-up- Kamal on the Guitars, Balam on the voice, Roger on the Bass, Shams on the Keys and Tipu on the drums. Oni did his first show with Warfaze in the beginning of 2008 with that line up. That line-up soon broke as Balam had to leave for his solo career and Mizan came back again as the main voice. They released Warfaze's 7th album "Pothchola" in the year 2008. Pothchola was a remake of some old songs mainly focusing on the new generation and the album also consisted of two new tracks (Omanush, and Tomakey). Pothchola song list (1. Boshey Achi, 2. Tomakey, 3. Omanush, 4. Obak Bhalobasha, 5. Hotasha, 6. Nei Proyojon, 7. Shadhikar, 8. Joto Durey, 9. DHushor Manchitro, 10. Asha, 11. Shomoe, 12. Ashamajik, 13. Pothchola. ) Warfaze Pothchola won the 6th City Cell Channel I Award in 2010.[no citations needed here]

Warfaze covering Lalon (2011)

He did covers of 3 Lalon songs in a mixed album by Bangla Link named "Shomorpon", where Aurthohin and Habib had songs as well. Songs they covered were: Khachar Bhitor, Jaat Galo and Aarshi Nogor.

Warfaze-Shotto (2012)

In 2011, he had to leave the country for his higher education in UK, at Keele University to study Marketing and Music Technology. He came back in March 2012, taking a leave from the University to record the 8th Warfaze album. Warfaze's 8th Album got released in Oct 2012 with 8 brand new tracks and one unreleased track. He has two compositions of his own in the album: Naa and Purnota. Both the tracks were big hits.

Shotto track list: Agami, Na, Rupkotha, Purnota, Shotto, Jedin, Jonosrot, Projonmo 2012, Protikhkha

Personal life

Still single and living with his family in the capital Dhaka city, Oni spends most of his time practising, learning and teaching the guitar. Apart from this, he is very health conscious, goes to the gym everyday and he does not drink nor smoke. He has got two tattoos on his right arm, a star which is his favourite symbol and "absolute perfection" written in Japanese under it. He believes everything he does, be it music or personal life related, should be done with so much dedication that it is turns out to be absolutely perfect.[1]


  • Guitars: Jackson RR24, Jackson RR3 Pro, Jackson Matt Tuck Signature Rhoads
  • Amplifiers: Marshall JVM
  • Effects: Boss Acoustic Simulator, Boss Noise Suppressor NS2, Boss Compressor Sustainer CS3, Electro Harmonix Metal Muff, Boss EQ GE 7, Boss Digital Delay DD7, Line 6 products
  • Accessories: Jazz 3 Guitar Picks

Other associated bands

  • Redhun: Mon Haralo, Eka, Miche.
  • Ashique O Ekota: Onnorokom feat. Simin
  • Hyder Hossain- Bangladesh Police theme song
  • Mixed Album 69 Radio Mix-2, Screaming Demons



  • Chena Jogot (2007)
  • Underground 2 (2007)


Instrumental songs

  • Shrine (2015)
  • Wild Aurora (2016)


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