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P. B. Buckshey
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Purushottam B. Buckshey (b. 1926Template:Efn) was an Indian psychiatrist and neuro-physician[1] who served in hospitals in the Delhi district of India. He became the first President of the Delhi Psychiatric Society and served as served as an honorary physician to three Presidents of India. He was also a National Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences.Template:Sfnp[1]


He was born in July 1926 and graduated in medicine from the Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior in 1952.[1][2]

On 7 September 1959 Buckley is noted to have broken from working as a Psychiatrist from the Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi to take up a placement on via the Colombo Plan scheme to study in England.[3] Achieving a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine in 1961 he resumed at Safdarjung on 31 July 1961.[4][5]

In 1966 there are records of Buckshey giving introductions to Psychiatry to General Practitioner in Delhi.[6] The Hospital for Mental Diseases, Shahadara (HMD) was established in 1966, the first provisioning of such a hospital in Delhi.Template:Sfnp In 1967 Buckshey took up a position at HMD.Template:Sfnp

A former Assistant Director General of Health Services (Medical Education), Government of India,[1] he was a member of the Indian Psychiatry Society (North Zone)[7] and a Fellow of the International Medical Sciences Academy.[8]

He served as the honorary physician to three of the Presidents of India.[1] The Government of India awarded him the fourth highest civilian award of the Padma Shri, in 1991.[9] He is also a recipient of awards such as Shiromani Award, Eminent Citizen of India Award (1994), Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award (1994) and Ati Param Visisht Chikitsa Medal (1997).[1]


The P.S. Buckley award is named after him.[no citations needed here] The Buckshey family provided a mobile van to the Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital on 1 July 2013.[10]


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