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Pasquale Foresi (Livorno, July 5, 1929 - Rocca di Papa, June 14, 2015) was an Italian priest and theologian. He was connected to the Focolare Movement co-founded by him and Chiara Lubich. The Focolare Movement is an international organization that promotes the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood with other religious movements, alongside with Igino Giordani.


A communiqué from the Focolare Movement says this:

“He met Chiara Lubich in Trent, Italy in December 1944. From then onwards he would be by her side and share the responsibility for the Focolare Movement. ”[1]

Pasquale Foresi studied teology in Rome at the Seminary in Pistoia and at the Capranica College. He interrupted his studies for a while because of doubts and a crisis of faith. In his own words, it was several years later that, having observed on the members of Focolare Movement. He finished his studies and was ordained as a catholic priest on April 4, 1954. Father Foresi played an important role shaping the spiritual, theological and cultural expression of the Focolare Movement.[2][3]

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