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Template:Infobox organization Patients Out of Time (POT) is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to educating public health professionals and the public about medical marijuana. Incorporated in 1995, the group is led by medical and nursing professionals and the five remaining participants in the federal government's Investigational New Drug program for cannabis. POT is a member organization of the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis.

POT is the co-sponsor of a continuing series of medicinal cannabis conferences that are accredited for continuing education. See for information about The Eighth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics to be held in Portland, OR on May 8–10, 2014 on the campus of the National College of Natural Medicine.. The conference is co-sponsored by Patients Out of Time and the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.

Find CME accredited cannabis courses on-line at

POT is a 501c3 educational charity and a corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

POT Administration

Board of Directors

  • Mary Lynn Mathre, President
  • Al Byrne, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Michael Aldrich,PhD Director
  • Irvin Rosenfeld, Director
  • Barbara Douglass
  • George McMahon
  • Sunil Aggawahl, MD,PhD
  • Don E. Wirtshafter, Esq.
  • Elvy Musikka
  • Denis Petro, MD

Founding Directors

  • Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD, FAAN
  • Barbara Douglass
  • Neil Jacobs
  • George McMahon
  • Corrine Millet
  • Mae Nutt
  • Denis Petro, MD
  • Al Byrne, Lcdr.,USN,ret.
  • Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN
  • Joe Barker
  • Dan Dansak, MD

Board of Advisors

  • David Bearman, MD
  • Richard Bonnie, JD
  • Sandee Burbank
  • Joshua Braun
  • Patrick Fourmy
  • Ed Glick, RN
  • Michael Krawitz
  • Bryan Krumm, RN
  • Joanna McKee
  • Jim Miller
  • Alice O'Leary
  • Carl Olsen
  • John Rowlingson, MD
  • Ethan Russo, MD
  • Gary Storck
  • Mark Ware, MD, MSc, MRCP
  • Lennice Werth
  • Ken Wolski, RN, MPA
  • Kevin Zeese, Esq.

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