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Template:Use British English Paul Anderson (born 1959) is a British journalist and academic.

Educated at Oxford University (Balliol) and the London College of Printing, Anderson was deputy editor of European Nuclear Disarmament Journal (1984–87), reviews editor of Tribune (1986–91),[1] editor of Tribune (1991–93), and deputy editor of the New Statesman (1993–96).[2]

Anderson is co-author with Nyta Mann of Safety First: The Making of New Labour (1997)[3] and editor of Orwell in Tribune: 'As I Please' and Other Writings (2006).[4][5] He taught journalism at City University, London from 2000 to 2011 and subsequently at the University of Essex.[6]

Anderson's 1997 book, Safety First: The Making of New Labour, is an analysis of the rise and ideas of Britain's New Labour politics Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.[7][8][1][9] In a review, in The Guardian, MP Roy Hattersley praised Safety First for its detailed coverage of such issues as John Prescott transformation of ministerial governing, and the Party's "Euro- keynesianism," calling it the "best" book on New Labour.[7]


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