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Paul Benhaim
Born London, England
Nationality Australian
Notable work(s) Author of H.E.M.P: Healthy Eating Made Possible, inventor of hemp seed food bar and ex-managing director for company that produces Zelfo a material made from hemp and other cellulose fibres

Paul Benhaim moved to Australia in 2000 from London, England, and is an Australian author on the hemp industry. Benhaim is also the inventor of a hemp seed food bar now sold in Europe[1][2] and is the managing director of Hemp Foods Australia.[3] In addition, Benhaim was a founder and CEO of Zelfo Australia Pty Ltd, an eco-company which developed Zelfo, a new material made from recycled paper and hemp.[4][5] The company also licensed the Zelfo process invented in Europe in 1992 and patented in early 2000 in Europe.[6] Zeo International Ltd. is currently on the list of Australian environmental companies supported by the Australian Technology Showcase and the New South Wales Department of State.[5]

In 2000, Benhaim authored the book H.E.M.P: Healthy Eating Made Possible, which details the historic uses of hemp, and how it was considered largely wholesome and nutritious.[7][8] Benhaim is also author of 10 other books on hemp.[9] Subsequently, Benhaim has toured internationally giving lectures on the mechanical uses of hemp.[3][10] In June 2010 his work was used in a study by MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering on Cannabis sativa optimisation for ROI within the United States.[11] Benhaim is now founder and principal of the Australian Hemp Farm and is a business mentor.[12]

In 2012 Benhaim re-instated his work with Hemp Foods Australia as an Australian supplier of hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein in preparation for legislative changes through an application supported by Food Standards Australia to Australian Ministers [13]

In 2014 Benhaim founded Elixinol, a State of Colorado LLC business manufacturing and distributing products made from Cannabidiol, or CBD - a constituent of industrial hemp used for medicine, skincare and as a dietary supplement globally. [14]

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