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The album is dedicated to the Austrian guitarist Dietmar Tiefenthaler. During summer 2006 Leon Koudelak and Konrad Ragossnig worked on a new arrangement of Antonio José's Sonata for Guitar, as the Edizioni Musicali Bèrben edition don't correspond in many parts with the facsimile. While working on the arrangement, Leon Koudelak received news that his friend and guitar duo partner, Dietmar Tiefenthaler died in a fatal car accident. This changed the concept for the CD which had originally been planned to contain only 20th Century guitar sonatas. Leon Koudelak recorded his friend's favorite pieces. The cover shows a farmer waiting for a passing train in Mexico, where Dietmar Tiefenthaler spent most of his life.

The CD concept

A French thread was created with Dionisio Aguado who spend many years in Paris, one of his most representative piece is the RONDO Op. 2, Nr.2. Antonio José was a student of the French composer Maurice Ravel in Paris. His Sonata for Guitar is influenced by Ravel's "PAVANE POUR UNE INFANTE DEFUNTE" so the name of the third movement of the Sonata "Pavana Triste". Actually "Pavana Triste" was written by Antonio José some years earlier as a separate piece and later add in the Sonata. Leo Brouwer was in Paris, when he wrote the piece "UN DIA DE NOVIEMBRE" and finally Roland Dyens as well a French composer, try to combine in the "LIBBRA SONATINA" Classic with Jazz and South American tunes in his composition. The last piece : Leon Koudelak wrote " ADIOS AMIGO" in memoriam to his friend Dietmar Tiefenthaler.


The recording of this album was probably the most sophisticated production by Tyrolis Music (classic label) at that time. Using the brand new Tyrolis Studio in Eschen (FL) with the latest digital recording equipment and technology. The Sound engineer, Kurt Keckeis, used not as usually Sony microphones, but this time Georg Neumann microphones which made the sound change as the previous recordings. As well Leon Koudelak used this time not his Jose Luis Romanillos Guitar but a Masaru Kohno "Maestro". In general, the sound came out softer and warmer as the two previous CD. Finally the Booklet and the design by Arno Oehri, were done with great passion. The Booklet include a 12 page documentation about the composers, the pieces and rare pictures.

Track listing

Dionisio Aguado (1784–1849)

RONDO Op. 2, Nr.2

  1. "Andante" – 2.51
  2. "Allegro" – 7.33

Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)

PAVANE POUR UNE INFANTE DEFUNTE ( Arr. Leon Koudelak) – 7.49

Antonio José (1902–1936)

SONATA ( Arr. Leon Koudelak)

  1. "Allegro Moderato" – 7.36
  2. "Minueto" – 2.43
  3. "Pavana Triste" – 5.20
  4. "Finale: Allegro con Brio" – 5.16

Leo Brouwer (born 1944)


Roland Dyens (born 1955)


  1. "India (Allegretto)" – 6.18 audio
  2. "Largo" (ballade jazz) – 4.44 audio
  3. "Fuoco" – 3.45 audio

Leon Koudelak (born 1961)

IOS AMIGO – 2.50



File:Pavana triste rerelease.jpg
Album Pavana Triste Re-Release 2011

The album was re-released in 2011 as a budget album by Pro Media & Entertainment in Pattaya. Unlike the original album, it contains no booklet to keep the production cost low to allow the sale price to meet the requirements of the Asian market.

The track list and order is the same as the original.