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Original short description: "Welsh journalist"

Phil Parry
Born Wales
Occupation Journalist, author
Years active 1983–present
Employer Freelance
Notable credit(s) BBC Wales Panorama
Week In, Week Out
Wales At One
Good Evening Wales

Phil Parry is a Welsh freelance journalist and author formerly of BBC Cymru Wales.[1] His work has appeared on BBC Wales Panorama,[2] and Newsnight,[no citations needed here] and he was a presenter on the Welsh current affairs programme Week In, Week Out.[3] He currently runs the online investigative website "The Eye".[4]


Parry's career started as a journalist with the South Wales Echo in Cardiff in 1983.[no citations needed here] He joined BBC Wales in 1987 where for ten years he was a reporter for Week In Week Out.[5]

Parry won two BT Welsh Press awards.[no citations needed here] Television Reporter of the Year in 1992[no citations needed here] and Television News Reporter of the Year in 1995.[no citations needed here]

He later presented BBC Radio Wales news programmes.[6][7]

The 2003 BBC Wales Panorama programme "Fair Cops", presented by Parry,[8] questioned the police investigation of Clydach murderer David Morris.[9] South Wales Police Detective Inspector Shane Ahmed sued the BBC for defamation,[10] and won an out of court settlement.[11] The programme won a BAFTA Cymru award for best current affairs programme in 2004.[10][2][12]

In 2010, he left the BBC.[13] Since then, he has been a freelance journalist and launched his own investigative website "The Eye" in 2011.[4]

In 2019, he wrote and published the book "A Good Story" (Template:Isbn), giving an account of his life in journalism, and battling hereditary spastic paraplegia.[14]


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