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Musical artist

Phillip Hilliard Presswood (born November 5, 1980) is an English-American singer, songwriter, and university professor known for his work in new-age music and higher education.

His music has been featured by Blizzard Entertainment for its World of Warcraft gaming series [1] as well as in soundtrack and solo albums.[2] [3] [4] He holds an advanced degree in Literature from the University of Houston - Clear Lake [5] and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity. [6]

Phillip, classically trained in voice and piano by the notable Russian-American Carolyn Fletcher,[7] began his adult career in 2000 with his first solo album release. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, he moved to Washington, DC and began providing short sounders for the Associated Press for use in their syndicated news radio services. This led to further requests for soundtracks from area theaters and news agencies.

Phillip speaks five languages and has sung in six in his solo work, including the fictional language Thalassian[8] for a work in World of Warcraft.[9]

He has since gone on to work for various gaming and theatre groups, and has (as of 11 August 2014) released five solo albums. Often compared to Irish singerEnya, the unique methodology he employs during recording uses layering of his voice hundreds of times upon itself to create the desired choral effect. Additionally, Phillip plays all the instruments heard in the music he writes.[10] He has a very high and strong vocal range for a man, making him a countertenor or male soprano. This allows him to sing in multi-part harmony with himself, which generates the unique harmonies found in his music.

Life and career

Phillip was raised in a joint English-American family in Houston, Texas. His mother encouraged his talents with music and his brother and sister were also gifted in musical and other arts. He is the third of three children; his sister and brother are 12 and 11 years older than he, respectively. Phillip's maternal great-grandmother, Elizabeth Shivers was the cousin of Allan Shivers, Governor of Texas from 1935 to 1947. She was also a renown pianist in the early prominent women's suffrage supporter. Thus, Phillip was raised into a very musical and political family.

In 2007 Phillip graduated from the University of Houston - Clear Lake with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. He graduated again in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Literature with an emphasis in Composition and Rhetoric. As of fall 2014, he is pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Literature and Musicology at the University of South Africa.

In 1998 at age 17, Phillip had the opportunity to produce a demo album called Tir na Nog: The Land of Youth, which set into motion a series of events that led to his moving to Washington, DC to study music and work for area news agencies and theater outfits. This was followed by 2000's Call From the West, 2002's The Winter Solstice, 2004's The Secret of the Dawn, 2008's Solea, and 2012's Fire in the Sky.[11]

Set for release in 2014 is a greatest-hits compilation, "Phillip Presswood: Remastered" along with an album of all-new music, "Beauty for Ashes."

In addition to his music career, Phillip teaches English at Galveston College, Composition and Writing at Texas A&M Galveston, and Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.

Phillip is also President and CEO of The Oleander Group, which includes the record label under which he is released, Oleander Music, as well as STUDIO 908 where the music is produced and mixed. The Oleander Group also includes an art gallery and studio as part of its services and studio artists have exhibited at regional art festivals for the past several years.[12] The Oleander Group also maintains a property management service for vacation rental homes on Galveston Island. [13]

Family Heritage

Phillip is heir to two famous dynasties, English and French. He is the 23rd great-grandson of his namesake, King Philip IV, as well as 25th great-grandson of King Henry II of England.


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