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Photoshare is a photography website that allows users to create profiles, upload and share unlimited photos, seek photography advice, critique other users' photos, and compete in contests. The Vancouver based startup launched the beta version of the site in August 2015, with the Founder as the only employee of the company. Since February 2016, the company has grown to about 10 people, with multiple positions in engineering, marketing, as well as operations.

Photoshare is seen as a site where aspiring photographers, both amateur and professional, can share their work with the world, seek photography advice in order to improve, and join weekly competitions to compare their work with others.[1] Template:As of, the site has a rapidly growing user base, with more signing up in the first two months of 2016 than the last quarter of 2015.[2] There are also multiple premium features users can access after upgrading their account (a one-time fee of $10 Canadian dollars), such as unlimited uploads, unlimited photo advice requests, participating in photo competitions, and website user interface customizations. The website is available in both English as well as Simplified Chinese.

Company history was launched in August 2015 and is based out of Metro Vancouver. The founder, Tony Wei, had worked on it as a hobby while attending his final year at the University of Waterloo, with intentions of making Photoshare a web-based startup.[3] Since then, new features of the website have been pushed out to the public at least three times a week, which recently included the Learn & Improve feature as well as several major user interface and performance upgrades.


Photoshare features a home page where all the popular photos are displayed, such as most liked, most commented, recently uploaded, and even highest competition scored.[4] One major feature of the site is the Learn & Improve page where free users can request up to 10 photography-related advices per day and premium users have unlimited requests. Another feature is the ability for special users, called chairmen, to initiate photo competitions in which premium users can submit their photos to, and certified judges can give these photos a score out of 10. The winner of the competition can win prizes.

Users of Photoshare are able to log in without registering an account by linking their Facebook account.[5]

Apps for iPhone and Android are currently under development.

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