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PlayOnMac is a free Microsoft Windows compatibility layer allowing to easily install and use numerous games and software designed to run with Microsoft's Windows. PlayOnMac is based on the opensource program Wine[1][2][3]

It uses an online database of installers (called scripts) to apply to different applications that need special configuration If the game is not in the database, a manual installation can be performed but the result cannot be guaranteed. Aside from games, any other program can be installed and each one is put in a different container to prevent interference of one program with another.[4][5] PlayOnMac allows users to install some of the most popular Windows applications and many games.[6]

You don't have to own a Windows license to use PlayOnMac.[7]

PlayOnMac is developed using a combination of Bash and Python and uses the toolkit wxPython.

Notable supported software

PlayOnMac supports various piece of software including:

The full supported software list is available on PlayOnMac website

Unsupported software

Software that is not officially supported may also work. You just have to double click on the setup program to make it run with PlayOnMac

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