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Prasuton Manorah (Template:Lang-th; Template:RTGS) is Thai television soap opera based on the Thai folk tale of the same name, which is an adaptation of the Manohara story. It has been produced as Lakorn Boran for several times. The latest production was aired on Thai Channel 7 in 2002. This lakorn has been remade from 1987 Lakorn of the same name and it also is the sequel of Nang Sib Song. It starred by Bee Matika and Boy Sapon.


After the death of Meri (Thai: เมรี) and Rodhasen (Thai: รถเสน), their spirits ascended to the Next life. Many years later, Rodhasen was reincarnated as a young prince called Phra Suthon. (Thai: พระสุธน) One day, Phra Suthon was visited by Phran Boon (Thai: พรานบุญ). Phran Boon presented him with a young beautiful girl called Manohra (Thai: มโนห์รา). Manohra was a magical bird-human who Phran Boon caught during his hunting in the deep forest. She was the reincarnation of Meri. Phra Suthon and Manohra got married and lived a happy life, but things changed drastically when a lord of a kings' court was jealous of Phra Suthon. He tricked Phra Suthon into leaving the Kingdom and lied to the King that Manohra brought bad luck to the Kingdom. He told the king that the only way to free themselves of the bad luck was to burn Manohra alive. Manohra survived by asking the King for her wings, so that she could dance in his presence before she died. When she got her wings back, she flew away to Khao Krailas (Thai: เขาไกรลาส), her home where she was the youngest daughter of the ruler. When Phra Suthon came back to the Kingdom, he was very sad and was determined that he had to bring Manohra back. Phra Suthon journeyed in the forest for 7 years 7 months and 7 days, faced several challenges, and fought overwhelming amounts of monsters, before he arrived in Khao Krailas where the last challenge awaited for him. Phra Suthon had to identify Manohra from her six sisters; who had been charmed to look exactly like Manohra. Phra Suthon identified the right Manhora with the help of a God called Indra who disguised as a golden fly and flew above Manohra's head. After that, Phra Suthon brought Manohra back to his Kingdom and they lived happily until the end of their days.

Cambodia release

This lakorn also released in Cambodia and released as DVD.

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