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Project is the task performed within a specified time and goals so as to reach a certain output. project termination steps and procedures are very important for successful and failed projects. Every project has its specified time for it to end due to many reasons that may be positive or negative so to terminate a project does necessarily mean it’s a failure or anything to do with prematurely abandoned project. From the given facts above any project has to officially end at some points. [1].


  • Extinction

This is the kind of project termination that occurs when the project has successfully completed or it has failed and much has to be done on the organization administrative part including transferring to its intended users and conducting all the final activities. The processes to include are the auditing of the final budget, new task assignment to the team members and any material assets of the project are transferred according to company policies or contractual conditions [2].

  • Addition

The project becomes a formal part of the parent organization. This is when a project becomes promoted to a formal status within a particular organization. The project has been terminated and its success leads to its additional on the organizational structure.

  • Integration

This is one of the complicated method for handling successful projects. The resources of the project including the team members are being integrated within an organization’s structure by following the project’s reached conclusions.

  • Starvation

Termination by this method of starvation may happen for a number of reasons that may a placated sponsor, general budget cuts or political reasons. In this category project is being cut off from the financial support or the budget is being decremented until the project cannot stand viable and the major reason for this kind of termination is to avoid embarrassment for the senior management due to project failure (Martin, 2007).


A principal investigator is the one entrusted with the role of conducting a timely review of the project development phases, through close monitoring of the project progress. So the closing date for the project should be decided by the principal investigator after proper chain of communication with other important/critical project stakeholders. This project principal investigator has to be aware of the clear preparations of the financial and technical reports [3].


Objectives or goals have been met. One of the most important key issues on the project is to reach the defined goals. If the project progress has been evaluated and all the goals set for the project has been accomplished just ahead of time/schedule so it can be handled over to the sponsors/users. This is where the proper processes of project termination would take place [4].

Less availability of the resources for the project performance to be taking place. In every project that takes place resources used they do vary from one kind to another. IT projects are different from other projects and so the resources do vary. At some cases facilities may be in a short supply than how it has been initially planned in turn it may lead to huge effect on the project. When the facilities are no longer available to help personnel perform various activities on the project it may be among the reasons for the project to be terminated.

Project does not meet company goals, on every company or organization there are strategies and objectives to be used as a map for different activities taking place within an organization. so when the project is taking place and objectives are not clearly stated or well documented to indicate the expectations to be gained from the project deliverable it becomes a total confusion, even the project team will not understand the work extent. Also on the cases when project objectives does not meet any of the company goals or doesn’t match the strategies of a particular organization/company then it’s not worth working on it. The procedures for project termination may take place to avoid chaos within a particular organization [5].

Project exceeds the budget, many of the projects run under the supply of funds through various monetary investments. A project may not give a maximum profit out the given investment but if the cost involved does not bring some profitable turnover or the investment is too high than predicted profit from the project it becomes worth scrapped. Looking at this factor that in every project life cycle there is a very important part of project planning where the project manager or project team gets a chance to use different tools to estimate the cost that a particular project will incur, so if it happens that the project gets way too expensive it gives a reason for it to be terminated.
Failure in the testing process, during project closure a testing process must take place and it is everyone expectation to see that a project brings out positive results during testing especially to the project owners/sponsors and it is very sad to see a project fail during testing. However in some cases the project might have done everything they could to ensure that the project succeeds but still it couldn’t the best choice is to put an end into a project rather than spending more energy and resource to an empty result investment [6] .

Change of Company/Organization Structure, Any project must work under broad organizational environment and so every project relies much on the structure of a particular organization and in situations where the company management hands changes the project may fail to proceed or exist or it may no longer be needed under the new management and hence be an enough reason for its termination.

Project termination may occur without completing identified objectives.
Many project termination represents failure. Some of the individuals may feel personally responsible for the particular project termination and may feel depressed as a result. Mitigation plans have to be there to accommodate the negative effects of the project termination on the employee morale and the whole organization.

Objectives for any undertaken project that are well defined and clear documented they reduce the certainty of project failure which leads to project termination in a negative way,
the situation mostly leads to embarrassment for most of the people within an organization or among the project team.
Proper procedures should also be followed before termination of any project undertaken so as to make sure the whole process does not affect any of the organization reputable activities or operations to their targeted stakeholders.


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