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Promo Tape is third self-released/independent demo of Summoning

This release isn't mentioned in the band's official discography. It's also known as "Promo 1994" and/or "Demo '94".

Most of these songs ended up on the debut album "Lugburz" in reworked versions: Track 1 would become "Grey Heavens". Track 2 would become "Beyond Bloodred Horizons". Track 3 would become "The Eternal Lands Of Fire" Track 4 would become "Dragons of Time".

Track 2 is a totally different track from the Lugburz-song "Through The Valley of the Frozen Kingdom", despite the similarities in the song-title.

According to some sources, this tape only had 4 songs. Those sources are omitting the intro (or counting the intro and the first proper track as one).

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