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Qlarivia is a Romanian brand of bottled drinking water with low deuterium content [1]. The source of water is the Bradisor Lake[2], in the Valcea county.


Qlarivia water is produced using an original technology for reduction of deuterium content. The raw water goes through a filtration and softening process, is subjected to distillation, and finally to mineralization and microbiological purification. The resulted deuterium depleted water [3] is registered as drinking water [4] and distributed under the trade mark Qlarivia.

Product variants

Qlarvia bottled water

Currently available grade is Qlarivia 25 with a deuterium content of 25±5 ppm (D/D+H). Qlarivia 25 is available in transparent 0.5 liter PET bottles with a distinctive shape.

Other grades or packages are under development.


Qlarivia is produced in several steps, according to bellow scheme and description:

  • Source waterSand filtrationActivated carbon filtrationSoftening (reverse osmosis)Purified water

The source water is purified by filtration through sand and activated carbon and softened using reverse osmosis.

The purified water is subjected to a modified distillation process, to yield deuterium depleted water. Depending on distillation parameters and design the content of deuterium in water can be reduced from the average natural concentration of approximately 150 ppm to the desired level. In case of Qlarivia 25 the distilled water has a deuterium content of around 25 ppm.

  • Deuterium-depleted waterMineralizationSterilizationDeuterium-depleted drinking water

The distilled water is subjected to strictly controlled mineralization and microbiological purification, in order to comply with EU Drinking water directive [5].

  • Deuterium-depleted drinking water → PackagingQlarivia

Final step consists of packaging and labeling of the deuterium depleted drinking water. In case of Qlarivia 25 the commercial product is packaged in 0.5 liter PET bottles.


The name Qlarivia was coined from the Romanian word “clar” (clear) and “vie” (alive), and the use of initial letter “Q” instead of “C” underlines the scientific and technological features of the water purification process [6]. Product design encompassed graphic identity as well as package design. The minimalist approach in packaging design, using transparencies and translucent colors, conveys the idea of simplicity, purity and clarity [7].


Qlarivia water is currently available in many countries around the world, like: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, through various distribution partners and channels.


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