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Quintessentially Lifestyle is a Members-only luxury lifestyle management and concierge service.[1] It is part of the Quintessentially Group, a British company founded in London in 2000 by Ben Elliot, Aaron Simpson and Paul Drummond.[2] The Quintessentially Group caters to luxury lifestyle and High Net Worth behaviour with 32 sister businesses that cover many facets of the market, including Travel, Real Estate, Wine, Art, Luxury Retail, Events, Public Relations, Publishing and more.[3][4]

The New York Times called Quintessentially Lifestyle the “company that transformed the idea of concierge services into ‘lifestyle management’”.[5]

Emma Sherrard Matthew is the Chief Executive Officer of Quintessentially Lifestyle and is predominantly based in Hong Kong.[6] Globally, Quintessentially Lifestyle employs more than 2,000 Lifestyle Managers in over 60 offices speaking 35 languages.[7][8]


Quintessentially Lifestyle provides Corporate Solutions and Private Memberships which offer 24 hour assistance for lifestyle requests from last-minute restaurant reservations to organising dog-walkers.[9][10] Current Members include many Heads of State, celebrities, sports personalities and C-level executives.[11]

The Company also partners with a number of internationally recognised brands through dual-branded or white-label schemes including British Airways, Gucci, Dunhill and Jaguar.


Services offered to Members by Quintessentially Lifestyle include:

Travel – Assists Members with personal or work-related travel plans.[12]
Unique Experiences – Helps facilitate unusual and extraordinary experiences including wedding proposals.[13]
VIP Access – Members gain entry to some of the most exclusive bars and nightclubs around the world.
Restaurant Reservations – Able to reserve tables for its members at a large network of restaurants internationally.
Entertainment – Members have access to VIP pre-release tickets to major events including sports, theatre, music and the arts.
Health & Beauty – Connections to numerous spas, salons, nutritionists and fitness experts.
Shopping – A curated gifts service for a more convenient shopping experience.[14]
Home Management – Access to a trusted network of plumbers, house-sitters, interior designers and more.
Day-to-day errands – Quintessentially Lifestyle helps Members perform any number of basic, daily tasks.
Emergency Requests – Members can always contact Quintessentially Lifestyle in case of an emergency.
Relocation Services - Assists members with international property searches, private school entries and more when relocating.

Quintessentially Foundation

Established in June 2008 by founders Aaron Simpson and Ben Elliot, the Quintessentially Foundation is a charitable organisation set up in the UK and Hong Kong that partners with and gives grants to innovative charities. The Quintessentially Foundation has raised almost £3.5 million through various fundraisers, including an annual bike ride.[15] The foundation has supported organisations like Room to Read and has also funded medical research to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Q App

The Quintessentially Lifestyle App was introduced in early 2014. Available to Members and non-Members, the App features recommendations and reviews, and allows Members to make requests to their Lifestyle Managers.[16]


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