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[Koushik Mukherjee] known professionally as [REICK] (previously went by the stage name Koushik Mukherjee) is an Indian DJ, songwriter and record producer based in Kolkata, India.[1] [2]

Musical artist

He is best known for his ability to create an unique vibe while performing or producing music. Some of his most popular tracks are "Slow Love" featuring Jimmy Burney , "There For You" which did turn out to be an important mark to begin his career as a record producer.


REICK has performed across the country at various clubs, music festivals alongside some of the finest Indian and international artists.

He has began his career interning with The Thrillseekers which did help him gain interest and perfect his art for electronic music. He had been credited for co-producing "Himalaya" which was supported by David Pearce[3] on his radio show.

He made his first official release "There For You" as Koushik Mukherjee which peaked onto #52 rank on Top 100 Electronica charts at Beatport. [4][5]

Success came in as he dropped his new single "Slow Love" under his new stage name REICK. Slow Love garnered a lot of attention with it peaking onto #2 rank on iTunes India Dance Charts and #91 on iTunes India charts [6] within the first week of the release. Slow Love has over 1.1 Million views on YouTube[7] , and is also being aired on Vh1.



Title Year Album Notes

credited as a co producer

as Koushik along with Dj Harish [8]

2013 Single Released by Muziek Colours LTD as their Top 100 songs.

Supported by Dave Pearce at his radio shows and live gigs.[9]

"There For You"

credited as Koushik Mukherjee [10][11][12]

2016 Single Ranked #52 on Beaport Top 100 Electronica Charts
"Slow Love" feat. Jimmy Burney

credited as REICK [13][14][15]

2019 Single Ranked #2 on iTunes India (Dance Charts)

Ranked #91 on iTunes India Charts

1.1+ Million Views on YouTube

Airing on Vh1

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