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RackBank® DataCenters Pvt Ltd is an Indian carrier-neutral high-density green data center and a cloud services provider. It has data center offerings mainly comprising colocation, dedicated servers and managed IT infrastructure across multiple industry verticals ranging from tech startups and companies, online entertainment and media houses, the government, financial institutions, medical institutions and the likes. Headquartered in Indore , RackBank is Central India’s first green data center that combines solar energy and wind power resources for harnessing electricity apart from being committed to tree plantation. RackBank is a 35,000-square-feet infrastructure with a capacity of 800 racks in a highly resilient, safe and allied environment. In addition, RackBank has recently acquired half million square feet land inside India’s first ever Data Center Park being built in Betma, near Indore. RackBank is an active member of NASSCOM and MPSEDC.


RackBank DataCenters Pvt Ltd was founded by Narendra Sen in January 2013 with 10,000 square feet of infrastructure with an objective of providing a reliable Indian data center to technology companies. In the meantime, Narendra Sen proposed the idea of the need of building a Data Center Park with the aim of creating a data center infrastructure in India to the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The project was approved hands-on and Sen was appointed as the Official Consultant to India’s first ever Data Center Park Project being built by Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation (MPSEDC) in Betma, India near Indore. Now RackBank is partnering with the government with the motto of building India’s IT infrastructure.

Products and Services

RackBank provides data security for online businesses by rendering IT infrastructural facilities to help their businesses run any number of websites and applications quickly and efficiently with excellent user experience. It deals web hosting services by providing dedicated servers, managed servers and colocation services. RackBank is also pioneering the global cloud IaaS movement by enabling SMBs and service providers the design, deployment, and management of a wide range of IT solutions. RackBank provides high-density data center services for big and small enterprises and organizations.

Main services


RackBank DataCenters Pvt Ltd focuses on Data Center Services and Solutions and has presence in 120+ countries across the globe. Through its build services, it has recently expanded its portfolio by providing clients the option of building their own data center, bare metal server and cloud with RackBank.

RackBank DataCenters Pvt Ltd has presence in 120+ countries across the globe. As part of its innovative services offerings, the company employs energy-efficient devices to reduce energy by 70%. RackBank has earned a reputation of being a business-savvy and cost-efficient data center as it has helped businesses cut as much as 70% of CapEx and OpEx. This has been made possible due to its location in a low-cost region and its proximity to power generating source distance. (Indore is among lowest power cost regions of India). In addition, it provides free vendor management for hardware, network, OS, apps and charges Zero fee for software apart from offering Low 24/7 software support staff fee(remote) to its customers. RackBank enjoys a strategically in Zone-II - the least active/prone seismic zone and 553 meter above mean sea level. It is headquartered in Indore which is a city with low living expenses yet has a proactive infrastructure and administration apart from being an Education hub with IIM, IIT & 200+ Engineering colleges. RackBank has been able to leverage the potential of Internet population of the country; there are 30 million Internet users within 600 km radius, touching 6 states’ boundaries.

Its headquarters is well connected with the rest of the country with over 290 flights to Indore on a monthly basis and definite connectivity through rail and roadways. Due to its location in Central India, RackBank has established new standards of low latency in India offering very low or negligible latency. RackBank customers have testified unparalleled dependability due to multiple network/redundant power along with 99.98% up time; phenomenal connectivity through Mbps network speed up-gradable up-to 1 Gig; accountability with 24*7 Free Hard-Core Support System on all communication platforms; robustness due to secured network and high affordability. RackBank has transparent SLAs and customized solutions as part of its service parameters. The workforce of RackBank in June 2015 was 25 employees.

RackBank Infrastructure

RackBank enjoys 8-zone security and latest technology. It has a robust fire fighting system inside an intelligent green building having management system with CCTV, PA system etc. It has 4,000 square meter Floor Area; 1600X4 kVA DG Backup; critical load capacity- 6.2 MVA; 100% Power Backup through DG; 6200 kVA Building Uninterrupted Power Supply; 33 kV High Tension Yard among other technical features. RackBank uses liquid cooling instead of fan cooling that reduces power usage and is a greener option.


  • RackBank DataCenters CEO Narendra Sen was the youngest to be included in the Presidential Delegation visiting Sweden in May–June 2015. He was among the panel speakers on the topic ‘Innovate, Make and Grow in India’.
  • Narendra Sen conceptualized the Data Center Park Project and proposed it to the MPSEDC that approved the project. This is India’s first Data Center Park being built in 100 acres of area in Betma near Indore for which the government has already proposed to invest Rs 150 Crore.


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