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Template:Infobox organization Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation is a nonprofit organization established in 2002 that provides service-enriched housing programs for low-income residents of rental housing communities throughout the U.S..[1][2][3][4]


Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Rainbow Housing was founded by Joseph Sherman in 2002.[5][6]


Housing model

Rainbow Housing uses a service-enriched housing model on all of its properties. This includes providing educational tools and resources to residents and tenants, including recreational activities, adult computer skills, and job placement assistance programs.[7][3][8]

Communities served

With a total of 85 communities served and more than 13,000 units serviced, Rainbow Housing provides services to 31,000 residents across Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington.[9][10][11]

Resident programs

Programs include after school educational programs for youth, job readiness and placement workshops, health care resources, computer literacy courses and life-skills training, financial resource management classes, and community building exercises.[3][12][13][14]

Rainbow Housing reported that in 2015, 170 residents obtained higher education, 141 residents received health and nutrition assistance, and 67 residents obtained a job, promotion and/or raise at one north Houston property using Rainbow Housing services.[9][15]


On average, Rainbow Housing's service-enriched sites experience vacancy costs decreased by 7%, bad debt reduced by 34%, and turnover costs cut by 21%.[16][17]

Champion Townhomes Case Study:

Champion Townhomes, located in Houston, Texas, deployed Rainbow Housing's service-enriched housing model. In 2015, Rainbow Housing reported there was a 52.7% return on investment the first year and a subsequent additional 36.2% return the second year. Programming participation and attendance increased by nearly 200%. This correlated to a year over year reductions in vacancy loss by 7%. These numbers were collected by examining savings garnered from a reduction in items such as vacancy loss, bad debt write-offs, legal fees involved in the eviction process, and actual costs of turning a unit.[18]


Rainbow Housing has both a board of directors,[6] as well as an advisory board.[19] The current executive director of Rainbow Housing is Flynann Janisse.[20][21]


Government affiliations include U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta Housing Authority, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, Harris County District Attorney, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Housing Authority, New Mexico Finance Authority, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation.[22]

Rainbow Housing has also partnered with ADT, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts of America, Catholic Charities USA, Community Food Bank, Girl Scouts of the USA, Goodwill Industries, H&R Block, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Planned Parenthood, Teach For America, The Salvation Army, United Way, YMCA, YWCA, and Walmart.[23] The organization has also worked with San Francisco's Reliant Group, to renovate housing units to be more eco-friendly and lower costs for residents, including installing energy-efficient appliances, double-paned windows and solar-panel heating.[24]


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