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Ralph Ellis is an English author. He is primarily noted for his works in alternative biblical history and paleo-climatology.

Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt

In his book Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt (2002),[1] Ellis said that the Hebrew biblical patriarchs were one and the same as the Hyksos pharaohs. Ellis further claims that the descendants of those Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty rulers were later able to return to Egypt and recapture the throne. Specifically, he said that King David of the Old Testament was actually the Tanis pharaoh Psusennes II, and Solomon was Shoshenq I. Most historians believe that David and Solomon, as the wealthy and powerful rulers depicted in the Old Testament, did not exist.[2][3][4]

Jesus, King of Edessa

In Jesus, King of Edessa (2012),[5] Ellis identified King Agbar Manu VI of Osroene as the same monarch named by Josephus as King Izates bar Monobaz. This identification is based on an analysis of Syriac and Talmudic sources, taken together with Josephus and the New Testament. Ellis says that the sources identify Manu as the leader of the Jewish revolt. Josephus, writing in his The Jewish War and The Life of Flavius Josephus, identifies several leaders of the Jewish revolt. These include figures such as Judas of Galilee, Jesus son of Sapphias, Joshua ben Gamla, and Justus of Tiberias, as well as King Izates. Ellis shows that all of these rebel leaders exhibit parallels with biblical Jesus, and with each other. Therefore, he argues that they must be one and the same historical person. Ellis further notes that Manu has several identifiable parallels with biblical Jesus, including his crown of thorns, his association with Persian magi, his defeat and likely crucifixion at the hands of the Romans, and that the appelation 'Jesus Immanuel' seems to be related as pesher to 'Izates Manu'.

Ellis says that Josephus and Paul were also one and the same person, and thus that Josephus was the true inventor of Christianity. He argues that Josephus wrote his works in a way that would make the true facts very difficult to decode. Ellis admits that his view contradicts mainstream views of historical Jesus.[6][7]

Ice ages, precession and dust-albedo feedbacks

Along with co-author Michael Palmer, Ellis proposed a mechanism for the modulation of ice ages by the Milankovitch-precession cycle. They suggest that decreasing concentration of CO2 eventually causes desertification and dust storms. This dust production, in turn, causes lower glacial albedo and increasing global absorption of insolation, forcing the climate into an interglacial period.[8][9]


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