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Ray Hefferlin
Born Ray Alden Hefferlin
Paris, France
Died Template:Death date
Collegedale, Tennessee, USA
Education BS, Pacific Union College
PhD, California Institute of Technology[1]
Occupation Research professor in physics

Ray Hefferlin (1929 – March 7, 2015) was a physicist and academic. He taught at Southern Adventist University and conducted research on periodic systems of small molecules.


Hefferlin was born in Paris to an American father and Swiss mother; he moved to the United States with this father after his parents divorce when he was seven.[2] His research was in the area of periodic systems of small molecules.[3] He taught at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, from 1955 until his death.[3] He received the Pegram Award from the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society and the Professor of the Year Gold Medal Award of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.[3]

In 1979 Hefferlin published a periodic ordering of all of the diatomic molecules that could result from combinations of the first 118 elements on the periodic table; unlike earlier such systems, such as that of C. H. Douglas Clark, it was multi-dimensional. According to Scientific American, it allowed researchers to accurately predict the characteristics of diatomic molecules.[4]

Hefferlin died on March 7, 2015, in Collegedale.[2][5][6]


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