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Template:Infobox organization Regis College Center for Service Learning (CSL) at Regis University, Denver, Colorado, facilitates student voluntary service, the development of service learning components in coursework,[1] and placement among the needier members of society for those with work study awards. These are essential components of the University's mission to train men and women for others.[2]

Volunteer program sampling

  • Spring Break & Other Immersion Programs.[3] These are to the Denver and Fort Morgan immigrant and refugee communities,[4] to the Dominican Republic, to Immokalee (Florida), and to Appalachia.[5] International trips at Spring Break have included Mexico, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua.[6][7]
  • Custodial ESL Program. This connects with cultural communities to enhance English language skills.[8]
  • Father Woody's Service Projects. Several dedicated vans are used to deliver supplies to the underserved in the city – the homeless, the elderly, and youth.[9]
  • Regis/Skinner Outreach Program. This pairs Regis and Skinner Middle School students for mentoring.[10]
  • Romero House. An alternate living arrangement where students follow a simple lifestyle with like-minded students who are intent on serving others.[11]
  • CEO Storytelling Project. Through this Community Education Outreach, students assist those released from prisons with educational and employment assistance, as well as sharing their stories.[12]
  • Engaged Scholar Activist Program. Students become advocates and assistants in the service learning program, extending the arm of the staff into the classroom and strengthening leadership in various aspects of the CSL program.[13]

Service-learning courses

The Center facilitates a service-learning program,[14] which involves 10 different areas of study as well as seminar classes and immersion trips. A sampling would include Criminology, Globalization, Ecology & Responsibility; Juvenile Justice; Refugees, Resettlement & Resources; Environmental Ethics; and Teach our Children Well,[15] and includes a Service Learning Program.[14][16] In one course, groups of three visit an Hispanic immigrant family for 2 hours weekly and are immersed in the realities of the immigrant life.[17][18] Service learning opportunities are open also to those in the government work study program.[15]

En/Route is an alternative program for freshmen at Regis, consisting in four linked courses: in fall the writing seminar "Writing for Social Justice"; in spring either "Philosophical Explorations" or "Speech Communication"; and in both semesters "Service/Community-Based Learning".[19] All elements are meant to assist students to form a critical view of "the good life", integrating the Jesuit ideal of "eloquentia perfecta"[20] with that of forming men and women for others.[2]

Community-based work study

CSL assists students to find meaningful work to fulfil their state or federal work study requirement, gaining experience that may influence their career choice or broaden their understanding of the possibilities in their chosen career. Placements are available with children and with the poor, with the homeless and with the elderly, and with other groups of needy people.[21]


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