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Rishabh Shanbhag
Born Template:Birth date
Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian
Other names iMast777, Rishab
Alma mater Ramnivas Ruia Junior College
Occupation Developer, Entrepreneurship
Known for iDebStore

Rishabh Shanbhag (born November 10, 1996) is a developer, tech analyst, entrepreneur and is one of the core members of the Jailbreak community.[1]Template:Failed verification He is better known by his online alias "iMast777".[2][3]

Early life

Rishabh was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He went to Bombay Scottish School. In 2014, he completed his higher secondary education from Ramnivas Ruia College.


Rishabh Shanbhag developed a strong interest for developing and programming at an early age. Rishabh developed several "tweaks" for Jailbroken Apple devices including ActiSearch,[4]Template:Failed verification[5]Template:Failed verification NoNewApp etc. He also developed an alternative to Apple's current AppStore and the popular jailbroken store Cydia called iDebStore.[6]Template:Failed verification

On September 25, 2014, IBM India invited Rishabh Shanbhag to the Hackophobia event.[7][8] On October 14, 2014, Rishabh was appointed as the Social Media ambassador for the Giving Tuesday Movement 2014 by the United Nations. On 22 October 2014, he became a certified Accredited Professional for Microsoft's - Bing Ads and is probably one of the youngest to be featured on the Membership Directory.[9] On November 10, 2014, he became a FireFox Student Ambassador for Mozilla.[10]

In the month of May, 2015, Rishabh was featured on the Forbes magazine in an article titled - "iPhone Hacking: Behind The Scenes with an iOS Jailbreaker" in which he answered various different questions regarding iOS jailbreaking and also revealed how he started off in the jailbreak community.[11]

Rishabh Shanbhag is also the go-to person for Apple related news & expertise and has been frequently cited by various publications such as CBS News,[12]Template:Failed verification International Business Times [13]Template:Failed verification and the Complex (magazine).[14]


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