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Rondo Adventure is a mobile puzzle game for Android and iOS. It has been released in 2015 by the polish indie video games developer AXL Dynamics.


The Bad Jelly has kidnapped the Jelly Princess of Rondo. Ron and Do come to the rescue! But they need help as they are brave but slow-witted fellows!


The player has to guide Ron the green jelly through the levels to the exit to chase the Bad Jelly and the kidnapped Jelly Princess.

To do so, the player has to drag his finger through the virtual ground on the screen to build tunnels through which Ron can fall and slide. He has to guide Ron to the exit.

Some obstacles are visible, some are hidden under the ground. The player has to figure out the best route. He also has to push buttons and collect stars to unlock next worlds.

Some levels have solid obstacles which have to be blown away. To do so, the player has to get the green and red jelly in one spot. When they touch each other, they explode.


Ron the green jelly – the main protagonist of the game. Brave but slow-witted. Do the red jelly – Rons best friend. They explode together. The Jelly Princess – the pink princess, the damsel in distress. She is Ron's girlfriend. The Bad Jelly – the main antagonist of the game. He has kidnapped the Jelly Princess and is running from Ron and Do.


Techraptor wrote about Rondo Adventure: "Rondo Adventure is an interesting physics based puzzler with unique and challenging game-play".[1] The game was positively received by reviewers. [2][3][4]

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