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Russell Hartstein, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) (born in Manhattan, New York) is an American pet expert and certified dog and cat behaviorist and trainer who works with celebrities and animal rights charitable organizations.[1][2]

Hartstein has over 30 years of experience training animals and is one of less than 200 certified dog behaviorist consultants in the world.[3] Hartstein credits his adolescence living in Manhattan for opening the door to his future career working with public-figures and their pets. "I grew up in Manhattan and many of my friends were actors, celebrities, artists, CEO’s, visionaries and entrepreneurs."[4] Originally based in Miami, FL, Hartstein formed his company, Fun Paw Care, to provide advanced pet training classes for emotional support animals as well as service dogs to the residents of Miami.[5] Hartstein and his company have since relocated to Los Angeles, CA.[6][7][8]


Hartstein began his career on Wall Street as the founding principle of a hedge fund but transitioned out of Finance when he realized it wasn't his passion.[9] After relocating to Florida, Hartstein and his childhood friend from New York, actor Steve Guttenberg, developed a close relationship with former Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine. Together the three of them partnered on a variety of charitable events to increase awareness for service animals and illnesses which often require service animals.[10] For their work, Hartstein received a Certificate of Recognition from Levine on behalf of the City of Miami Beach, while Guttenberg received a 'Key to the City'.[11] Hartstein went on to become a Board Member of the Disability Access Committee (D.A.C.) after being appointed by 2 consecutive mayors.[12][13][14] In addition to his relationships with Levine and Guttenberg, Hartstein has also partnered with world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist, Dr. Jane Goodall and her Roots & Shoots organization.[15] Having worked in New York City, South Beach, and now, Los Angeles, Hartstein gained notoriety by regularly working with notable residents including:[16][17][18]

Hartstein is often featured in media outlets and publications where he shares his insight into animal behavior and shares tips for improved behavior. [19][20][21][22] He has also been a contributing author at PetMD, Chewy, and Dogster.[23][24][25]


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