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Musical artist

Ryan Leitru is an American musician who primarily performs metalcore.[1] He is best known for his work with For Today.[2] Leitru currently lives in Oklahoma.[3]


Ryan started the band For Today in 2005 with Mike Reynolds (Guitars), David Morrison (Drums), Jon Lauters (Bass), and Matt Tyler (Vocals).[4] Lauters was replaced by Brennan Schaeuble, who was replaced by Ryan's brother Brandon. Tyler left and was replaced by Mattie Montgomery. The band recorded several albums with this lineup up until the EP, Prevailer when Morrison went on to become a missionary and Reynolds was fired from the band. On the Prevailer EP, the band had former The Crimson Armada drummer David Puckett and former In the Midst of Lions guitarist Sam Penner fill in. After the band released the album Fight the Silence in 2014, the band soon let Penner go. The band released another album in 2015, before announcing their disbanding in 2016. Around the final shows of the band, Ryan stated: Template:Quote The brothers, Ryan and Brandon formed a new band in 2016 called Nothing Left.[5] The band is signed to Nuclear Blast Records,[2] as For Today had been before they disbanded, which the band felt honored to be apart of.[6] Ryan stated about Nothing Left "It's been awesome to start fresh on a new project without guidelines or expectations,... We had the freedom to make music that we want to hear without concern for how people will receive it. We are thankful that Nuclear Blast supports the type of creativity that tends to yield more exciting and interesting music."[7]

Influences and Christianity

Ryan stated that Metallica, Pantera, Korn, and Slipknot, along with the Punk rock scene were his biggest influences.[8] Like Mattie Montgomery, his brother and all the former members of For Today, Ryan was a Christian.[9][6] He believed that For Today was a way to show freedom from spiritual heaviness.[9]




For Today

Studio albums


  • Your Moment, Your Life, Your Time (2006)
  • Prevailer (2013)
Nothing Left


Guest Vocals


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