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Sabah Mirza Mahmud (Template:Lang-ar, 1943–2005) was an Iraqi Colonel and the first personal companion of Iraqi former president Saddam Hussein.[1][2][3] he was vice chairman of National Olympic Committee of Iraq, he was also appointed as Chairman of the Iraqi Football Association to assert the new regime authority over the nation’s favorite's sport, at the time when Iraqi Team became one of the most successful nat­ional teams in Asia,[4][5] he also was appointed as the president of Al-Shabab sport club,[6] Sabah was one of Saddam's old friend,[7] and began his violent partisan duties since the age of 16,[8] for which he was arrested 6 months, he was Kurdish,[9] though he spoke only Arabic. he served Saddam as his Bodyguard for over 22 years.[10] he received quick military promotions ranks,[11] in 2003, after a tip from an Iraqi informant,[12] Sabah Was captured by American Occupying forces to be investigated about Saddam's hiding place, and he was soon released for no evidence of his knowledge thereof, but a weapons cache was seized from his farm.[13][14]


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