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Salimullah Khan (Template:Lang-bn; born 18 August 1958) is a Bangladeshi academic, columnist, essayist and critic.


Salimullah Khan's parental home is in Cox's Bazar.He passed his SSC(matriculation) exam from Chittagong Cantonment High School. Later he was admitted to Chittagong College. He studied Law at the University of Dhaka. In 1976, he met noted intellectual Ahmed Sofa, who introduced him to Professor Abdur Razzaq. In 1983, he joined University of Rajshahi as a teacher.[1] For a brief period, he taught at the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. In 1986, he went to the United States for studying Economics. Returning home, he joined a private university as a faculty. He worked as the Chief Academic Advisor and a professor in the Department of Law at Stamford University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.[2] Currently he is a Professor of General Education at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.[3]

Intellectual career

Salimullah Khan first came to prominence during his days as a student at the University of Dhaka when he wrote a book on Abdur Razzaq's famous lecture: “Bangladesh: State of the Nation" in 1981. While a student, he edited a periodical called Praxis Journal. Currently he regularly contributes articles in Bengali and English newspapers in Bangladesh. Salimullah Khan writes mainly on history, philosophy, politics, literature, and psychoanalysis. He has written a number of articles on colonialism and imperialism, Bengali language, 1857 War of Indian Independence, 1947 partition, communalism[4][5] and the relationship between religion and politics,[6][7] Bangladesh Liberation War, and also wrote on issues such as the Rohingya question,[8] etc. Khan has also written on Lalon Shah,[9] Ramaprasad Chanda,[10] Kazi Nazrul Islam,[11] Jasimuddin,[12] Roquia Sakhawat Hussain, Ahmed Sofa,[13] Abul Hasan, film maker Tareque Masud[14] and some of his contemporaries. He wrote philosophical commentaries on the works of Charles Baudelaire,[15] Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault,[16] Frantz Fanon,[17] Claude Lévi-Strauss, Edward Said,[18] Aime Cesaire,[19] Talal Asad[20] and many others.

Khan has translated the works of Plato, James Rennell,[21] Jacques Lacan,[22] Charles Baudelaire,[23] Frantz Fanon, Dorothee Sölle into Bengali. He is associated with a number of organisations such as Center for Asian Arts and Cultures, Ahmad Sofa RashtraSabha, etc. Salimullah Khan has held seminar sessions at the Center for Asian Arts and Cultures on different thinkers and issues.Template:Undue-inline


Khan's views are influenced by Karl Marx and Jacques Lacan.[24] He has been critical of Rabindranath Tagore's prescriptions on Bengali orthography.[25] Khan advocates wider official use of Bengali language in Bangladesh.[26] In a speech subsequently published as an article,[27] Khan questioned the quality of Amartya Sen's Bengali prose and of discussion on certain classical economists Template:VagueTemplate:FullTemplate:Discuss.

In a 2011 debate arranged by, Salimullah Khan critiqued the portrayal of the Bangladesh Liberation War in the film Meherjaan.[28]

In the backdrop of Shahbagh Movement in Dhaka, Salimullah Khan came out in strong support of the movement,[29] and denounced communal attacks.


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