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Musical artist

Samuel Victor Jones (born 7 October 1981), primarily known as Samuel Victor, is a British recording artist, feature film actor, director, producer, writer, animator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is most known for appearing as Blue Two / Torius Chord in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), for his viral hit single Fingers Up (Gun Sign) (2017)[1] and for directing and starring in Live Justine (2015) with Lucy Pinder.

Early life

Victor was born and raised in Gloucester, England, UK. His mother Ann Jones (né Leyfield, now Harvey) was a successful poet and prose writer, whose work was regularly featured on BBC radio and TV-AM television throughout the 1980s. His father Nicholas Jones was a well known folk musician. Both parents were also teachers in the Gloucester area.

Growing up in Gloucester, Victor attended school events with the children of mass murderers Fred West and Rosemary West and attended the Crypt Grammar School with Al-Qaeda shoe bomber Saajid Badat. In interviews he has cited these early experiences with seemingly normal community members being capable of extreme actions as being influential on his written film and music work.[2]

Personal life

Though Victor grew up in Gloucester, most of his family have Welsh heritage and at a young age he spoke Welsh with his grandfather. He now resides in Cardiff, capital city of Wales.[3]

Victor married line producer Jac Jones in 2002 and they have two children. Despite his public profile, they prefer to keep their personal life out of the media.[4]

Music career

1996–2006: Early career

In 1996 whilst still at school, Victor won a song writing competition, and used the money to set up a music writing, producing and publishing business. He worked as a ghost-writer for artists in several genres including rap, rock and dance music.

In 2001 he appeared on the reality TV show Pop Idol, getting through the first four rounds, and caused some controversy by hand-cuffing Simon Cowell to his chair. This was parodied by presenters [Ant and Dec] in the VHS release Pop Idol: Raw Talent.[no citations needed here] He was also featured in Fame Academy and Popstars: The Rivals where he performed a strip tease dance in front of Cheryl[5].

After Simon Cowell praised him for his rap lyrics, he started to record solo material. His early lyrics were sometimes controversial, showing a dark sense of humour, and for those he used the alter-ego 3PAW, given to him by members of the Bristol hip-hop scene. He released bootleg EP "Listen and Learn" which he recorded whilst living in a caravan park in what he described as his "starving artist" period.[6]

In 2002, Victor moved to Watchet, Somerset, and through the New Deal for Musicians scheme, set up a recording studio and the record label 9thLife Records. He published the "Watchet Gang:Star” EP.[6]

2004–2009: Mainstream success and Magnum Opus

In 2004, he produced the trance track Island in the Sun under the UK:DC moniker, which became a viral hit on MySpace. This was his first track to gain mainstream radio airplay, and was a minor club hit at various holiday destinations that Summer. UK:DC also remixed tracks for artists including [[Marc Spoon], Carl Cox and Junkie XL.[4]

In 2007, he produced a remix for the Channel 4 show Big Brother's Little Brother of the Samanda twins' introduction video. The novelty track Barbies, Pink, Woo! received over a quarter of a million plays on the Big Brother MySpace page, and Victor made a brief appearance being interviewed on the show.[7]

Victor's "big break" came in Summer 2007 when he won a competition on the (now defunct) platform, beating over 10,000 registered entrants to record a 16 bar verse to be featured on an official remix of R Kelly track I'm a Flirt. Victor's verse was highly praised, and the remix was downloaded over 200,000 times from R Kelly's official website and MySpace page in 2007. This led to Victor appearing on licenced remixes for artists including T Pain, Akon and Public Enemy through the JamGlue platform, and he became the most subscribed to artist on the site.[8]

In 2007 and 2008 he toured performing live in several venues around the UK, supporting many acts. Notably, he joined the Channel AKA (then known as Channel U) tour with Alizay, and appeared on billings including NDubz and Roll Deep and performed in SEOne, which was at the time, London's largest capacity night club.

In 2008, the rap group D12 (known as Eminem's "band") appeared on BBC Radio One and stated that they wanted to work with UK based artists. Victor phoned up the show and called their bluff, which resulted in Bizarre asking to here his work. This ultimately resulted in Victor working with several members of D12, including appearing on tracks with Bizarre and Kon Artis, performing live with Kuniva and Swifty McVay, and having Mr. Porter produce four of his tracks. He performed at both opening and after party shows in D12's European tour.

He released the single Who the F**k are You? with Bizarre of D12 in 2008, which had both a digital and physical CD retail release. Due to the story of how BBC Radio One was invloved in it happening, the station played the song several times, albeit in heavily censored form due to swearing and drug references. It was premiered as part of BBC Introducing with Bethan Elfyn and "Producer Ed" having a long on-air discussion as to the origins of the track.[9]

Victor released his first LP in 2009, called "Magnum Opus: Volume One" which included many collaborations and remixes with the artists mentioned above, the single with Bizarre and the four tracks produced by Mr Porter. The limited edition print run of the physical CD sold out immediately upon release, but the album leaked online before it was officially released digitally. Victor stated that thousands of copies were shared on online file sharing networks and torrent sites at any one time, and decided to shelf the official commercial release of the album, intending to release a remastered and remixed version at a later date.[4]

2009–present: Film Soundtracks and Ghost Ryder

In 2009 Victor switched to feature film music licensing and production, believing it to be more profitable, and a way for him to get in to feature film production and acting. The first film that he worked on was Baseline, shot in late 2008 and early 2009, and set in a hip-hop nightclub.

From 2009 to 2016, Victor produced and procured music for several feature films, and considered his solo rap career to be in semi-retirement. However, in December 2015 he worked on the film Brotherhood, and met Grime artists Stormzy, Fekky and Snakeyman. After rapping for them, Stormzy was impressed, and featured him several times on his Snapchat feed[10]. Stormzy encouraged Victor to record more music, and Victor went back into the studio and started working on his album Ghost Ryder

In February 2017, Victor released the single Fingers Up (Gun Sign), inspired by working on Brotherhood[11], and promoting the DVD and Blu-ray release. The VEVO music video hit over a quarter of a million views in its first month, and continues to grow.[1].

Victor has stated that a lyric and remix video for Fingers Up (Gun Sign) shall be released shortly[12], and that the second and third singles from the forthcoming album have already been recorded[13].

Film career


Samuel Victor studied as a cinema director, feature film producer and line producer at the Hollywood Film Institute Los Angeles with Dov Simens, who also taught Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. He also studied at Raindance in London with the founder Elliot Grove. He studied Visual Effects with Oscar Winner Paul J. Franklin, and animation with Don Bluth and Richard Williams[14]. He has a large collection of film production and cinematography textbooks, some of which he has reviewed for the Welsh Film Institute[15], and regularly takes both online courses and live seminars to further improve his skills and learn the industry[14].


Victor's first speaking role as an actor was in the film Baseline, where he played a Tesco checkout assistant robbed at gunpoint. He shot the role in late 2008, though the film was not commercially released until 2010.

He worked (sometimes uncredited, as is common) as a supporting artist on many films including Hollywood titles and cult British independent films, and had brief speaking cameos in Bonded by Blood, The Infidel and The Hooligan Factory. He was also a dancer in several Bollywood films.

His first lead role was in Terror Nation, which was commercially released in America in 2010. The DVD was withdrawn after a limited release in the UK as it was not passed by the BBFC. He also played one of the main roles in the gangster film Stagger, although his scenes were shortened in the main distributed cut. He had a lead role in the feature-length version of The Gamble which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival[16].

He has also had lead roles in several feature films that he has written and directed, including The Perfect Love Song, Night of the Living 3D Dead and Live Justine.

Undoubtedly Victor's highest profile role to date, was that of Blue Two, or Torius Chord, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The part was originally assigned to a higher profile actor, who was replaced by Victor[17] in the re-shoots at Pinewood Studios. The character's most iconic line – "Just let the girl speak!" was a line actually suggested by Victor himself, and the producers liked it and added it to the shooting script. The line has subsequently appeared in novelisations of the film, and Victor has jokingly suggested that he should receive royalties as a writer[18]. In reality, Victor has said that working on a Star Wars film was a childhood dream come true and he is honoured to have been asked[19]. He considers his role that of a "glorified extra" and was shocked and amazed to be given his own trailer, joking that he's not ebven got that in (lower budget) films that he was starring in.[17]


Samuel Victor has directed many music videos and short films, as well as advertisements for major brands.[2]

Victor's first feature film as director was The Perfect Love Song, a romantic comedy based around the music industry. It was shot in 2009 and received a limited theatrical run in London in 2011. The film was well received and Victor received two bursaries from BAFTA, one for writing and one for producing. The film was screened by the British Film Institute for Valentines Day, and was remastered for DVD in 2013. Victor also acted in the film, alongside many actors he cast after working with them on other films like Terror Nation and Baseline. The film is due for DVD and Blu-ray release, along with streaming services including Amazon Prime in 2017.[14]

Victor wrote and directed six new scenes to be added to the feature film Stagger. Not all of these scenes made the final cut, due to an artistic disagreement with the original director, but much of the footage was used and the directors remain on good terms.

In 2012 directed a "double feature" made of two shorter films, Small Traffic, a gangster comedy, and Paralysis, a psychological drama, both of which did well on the festival circuit.

His next full feature as director was Night of the Living 3d Dead, which starred Gemma Atkinson, who he had met working on Baseline. The film was an ambitious 3D remake of the classic George Romero original, and Victor insisted on an entire timber frame house to be made to enable the same imposing and restricting layout of the original house. The film was deemed a success and received praise from many leading horror magazines[20] and websites[21], but Victor elected to delay wide release of the film whilst some technical issues with the 3D and CG elements were worked out, and some scenes were re-shot. He expects the final film to be completely remastered and released by 2018[14]. He has been quoted as saying that he is especially careful over releasing the film in a less than perfect form, as he is so respectful of the original material. He also directed and produced a feature-length documentary about the making of the film, Raising the Dead.

The next major feature directed by Victor was Live Justine, a thriller based on real life events, starring Lucy Pinder. The film has received rave reviews in previews, and is currently being remastered and finalised for theatres in late 2017 and a wide release to DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services in early 2018[14].

Victor has signed on to direct several feature films set for release over the next few years including the Unsocial thriller trilogy, space epic Silence, comedy Roadmans, crime drama Boogaloo Exotica[14] and "visual FX spectacular" #Buttercup.


In addition to writing and directing his own films, Victor is well connected within the film industry and has helped to produce over 25 feature films[14].

He has served as Executive producer on several projects in the US, including as an Executive Producer on space epic The Last Scout which had a budget of $3.2 million, and an Episode of the US TV Drama No Easy Days and sci-fi thriller The Doomed.

He has been Associate Prodcuer of projects in a wide range of genres including thriller Man in the Mirror, hooligan film Hooligans at War: North Vs South, acclaimed drama Borstal, sci-fi Invasion Earth and many horror films including the Haunted series (films 2 through 5), The Doll Master and many more[14].


Samuel Victor currently runs the Welsh Film Institute (Sefydliad Ffilm Ltd) and teaches several courses on film production, including the Four Hour Film School. He has written textbooks on film including The Filmmaker's Bible.[no citations needed here]

Advertising and Marketing

Victor has worked freelance in advertising and marketing campaigns over the years for many major companies, including Disney Channel, Disney Store and Disneyland Paris, Microsoft, Sony Music, Sony Bravia, the BBC, Hamleys, Toys "R" Us, Ladbrokes, Drink Aware and others.[14][2] He also worked in data collection and analytics for industry leaders RAJAR and Ipsos Mori[2].

His recent music videos have had brand sponsorship or product placement from Nike, Samsung, Beats Headphones and Beats Pill, Rolex, Nintendo, I Loves the 'Diff and Mr. Snappy's.[1]


Victor has founded many companies throughout the years, mostly in the entertainment industry, but also has run several technology based companies.

Victor's father taught him to program computers at aged 9, and he used to program his own games for Commodore PET, Commodore 64, Amiga 500 and MS-DOS PCs. Victor programmed a games development environment which had some commercial success but after dealing with some personal illness was unable to continue the project, refunded buyers and posted the public source code for those who wanted to continue to use it. He has recently started games programming again, and is developing software for Android, IOS and Nintendo hardware, under the brand[4].

In the mid to late 90s, Victor ran several internet based businesses on the subdomain and hosting platform, including CoolWebWorld, a web hub aimed at teens that was an early success story with affiliate PPC and PPV advertising, and HeyPeeps, one of the first every social networking sites, several years before MySpace. He closed down the site due to teething issues regarding the legality of who was responsible for user uploaded content, after some negative press and threats of lawsuits. He also programmed and designed many websites for other companies, and bought and traded many domain names, during the Dot-com bubble[4].

Victor actively trades FOREX and is an investor in the stock market, mostly in the technology and entertainment industries, but also through index trackers. He was a significant shareholder in Euro Disney S.C.A. for many years, before the 2017 forced buyout by Disney Corp, of whom he is also a minor shareholder. He is especially interested in cryptocurrencies and invests in both BitCoin and Ethereum. He also mines Ethereum and is learning to program smart contracts and develop DAPs[14].

In 2017 Victor is launching 7ype, a company that he hopes will revolutionise feature film funding through a revolving, ever-growing investment "super slate", funded through a token based cryptocurrency, 7ype Coins, and using Ethereum based smart contracts for transparency. The pre-sale of the ICO is due to launch on 7 July 2017[14].

Philanthropy, and social causes

Victor has stated that it is his personal philosophy to always donate to charities and good causes, and to volunteer and help where possible, regardless of his current financial situation at the time. He regularly donates to over 30 charities and non-profits, and is especially passionate about (in no particular order), equal rights for all, sustainability, protecting the environment, ending homelessness, ending poverty, medical research, helping developing nations, animal rights.[4]

Through the Welsh Film Institute he works on a non-profit basis, providing training, equipment loans and funds to help first time film makers to get a head start in the industry. He also often donates money to film projects via crowd funding websites to support low budget and indie films.[4]

He was a founder member of J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Force for Change in 2014, and ran fundraising events including Star Wars themed events at Hamleys toy store.[4].

During recent live performances and music videos he has been seen wearing the logo of the Happy Hippie Foundation, who state that their mission is "To rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations" and whose website supports education, women's rights, social justice, mental health, environmental causes and animal welfare[22].

Political views

Victor has stated that he considers himself a "left-leaning liberal"[4], and has previously expressed support for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, Plaid Cymru and Leanne Wood, the Green Party and occasionally the Liberal Democrats. He has actively expressed disdain for the rhetoric of UKIP, the BNP, the EDL and the prospect of coalition with the DUP[23].

He has been a vocal supporter of Barack Obama via his music and in interviews in the past, and the ex-President follows him on Twitter[23]. In recent music he has spoken out against austerity, intolerance, and perceived failures of the Conservative Party, though in the past he has also been strongly critical of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He also makes several pointed remarks and jokes showing dissaproval at some of the remarks and behaviour of Donald Trump[24].

He strongly believes in the future of decentralised currencies and banking, and a future decentralised internet, to avoid corruption, manipulation and censorship[14].

He was raised a methodist, but considers himself atheist. He has stated that he is historically, culturally and socially interested in religions, and respects people's individual rights and beliefs, but he has spoken out strongly against religious extremism, cults, and the corruption of several organised religions[4].

Selected Discography

Chart Registered Singles
  • Fingers Up (Gun Sign) (2017)
  • Little Old Boy ft Kon Artis of D12 (2008)
  • Who the F**K Are You? ft Bizarre of D12 (2008)
Promotional (free) singles
  • Stars and Angels (Christmas) ft Jars of Clay (2008)
  • Eugene and the Vicar (Halloween) ft Horror Beats (2008)
  • I'm a Flirt (Remix) ft R Kelly (2007)
Studio albums
  • Ghost Ryder (still recording)
  • Magnum Opus: Volume One (2010)
  • Watchet Gang:star as 3PAW (2002)
  • Listen and Learn as 3PAW (2001)

Selected filmography

List of selected film performances as an actor
Title Year Role Notes
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 Blue Two / Torius Chord
Brotherhood 2016 Club Guest (cameo) Also on Soundtrack
Live Justine 2015 Brandon Melltithia Also writer and director
The Hooligan Factory 2014 Man Utd Scout
Night of the Living 3d Dead 2013 Taylor Also writer and director
Paralysis / Small Traffic 2012 David / Kelly Also writer and director
The Perfect Love Song 2011 Jonathan "J.J." Jones Also writer and director
Baseline 2010 Checkout Assistant (cameo)
Terror Nation 2010 Ray MacMurray
Stagger 2009 Narrator / Dave
List of selected films as a director or producer
Title Year Notes
The Last Scout 2017 Executive Producer
No Easy Days (ep: No Regrets) 2017 Executive Producer, Cinematographer
Invasion Earth 2016 Associate Producer
Live Justine 2015 Producer, director
Man in the Mirror 2015 Associate Producer, Cinematographer
Night of the Living 3D Dead 2013 Producer, director
Paralysis / Small Traffic 2012 Producer, director
Raising the Dead 2012 Producer, director
The Perfect Love Song 2011 Producer, director

Awards and nominations


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