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Musical artist

Secret Keeper is an American melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Florida, formed in 2013 and part of the new wave of contemporary melodic hardcore bands such as Being As An Ocean and Counterparts.


Formation and Self Titled EP (2013)

Secret Keeper formed in 2013. The band's debut single, "Father's Day," was released on May 29, 2013 and is about Kyle's father unexpectedly passing away two years prior.[1]Template:Self-published inline[2]Template:Self-published inline The band then proceeded to write two more songs to complete their debut self-titled EP, recorded with Dylan James of The Last Sleepless City, released the same year.[3]Template:User-generated inline[4]Template:Self-published inline After featuring their EP through up-and-coming melodic hardcore promotional YouTube channel, Dreambound, Secret Keeper completed a small tour throughout Florida.[5]Template:Third-party inline[6]Template:Third-party inline[7]Template:Third-party inline[8]Template:Self-published inline

Losing Sleep EP (2014)

Secret Keeper then released a single titled, "Left Alone." Secret Keeper embarked on a midwestern and southeastern tour in the summer of 2014.[9]Template:Third-party inline[10]Template:Self-published inline Secret Keeper then began recording their second EP, titled Losing Sleep, at Glow in the Dark Studios with Matt McClellan.[11]Template:Self-published inline[12]Template:Self-published inline Shortly after recording their second EP, Secret Keeper then left for a short east coast tour during the fall.[13]Template:Self-published inline[14]Template:Self-published inline In December, Secret Keeper released its official music video for the song "Everything Falls Apart" just before embarking on a tour across the United States.[15]Template:Third-party inline[16]Template:Self-published inline While on tour, the band released Losing Sleep.[17][18]

Breaking up and Gravestones (2015)

Secret Keeper would announce their "farewell show" in May.[19]Template:Dead link In December, the band returned with the release of a new single titled "Gravestones."[20]Template:Third-party inline[21]Template:Self-published inline

Reunion and Ghost EP (2016–present)

In early 2016, Secret Keeper began recording their third EP at Sunray Recording Studio.[22]Template:Self-published inline The band released their third music video for the song "Haunt" followed shortly after by the entire Ghost EP.[23]Template:Third-party inline For the remainder of 2016 and most of 2017, little activity was seen from Secret Keeper including any Facebook posts prior to September 26, 2017 being deleted.[24]Template:Self-published inline The band did play a handful of shows in early 2017.[25][26][27] In fall of 2017, Secret Keeper's social media accounts began posting new photos with the inclusion of a promotional photo showcasing the current members.[28]Template:Self-published inline The band also released two new singles titled "What A Shame" and "Hypnosis" during the fall and winter of 2017.[29][30]Template:Third-party inline[31]Template:Third-party inline In the summer of 2018, Secret Keeper released a "Deluxe EP Compilation" consisting of all their previously released material (the artwork for the physical release features a brief history of the past members as well as current members).[32][33]Template:Self-published inline[34]




  • Erik Giesey – drums (2013)
  • Devon Whitney – bass, clean vocals (2013–2014)
  • Dylan Honkonen – drums, clean vocals (2014–2016)
  • Brian Brown – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2013–2016)


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 id:Cleans value:red legend:Clean_vocals
 id:Guitar1 value:teal legend:Lead_guitar
 id:Guitar2 value:green legend:Rhythm_guitar
 id:Backups value:yellow legend:Backing_vocals
 id:Drums value:purple legend:Drums
 id:Bass value:blue legend:Bass_guitar
 id:Lines1 value:black legend:EPs
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 bar:Kyle text:"Kyle Burrier"
 bar:Thomas text:"Thomas Filbert"
 bar:Brian text:"Brian Brown"
 bar:Erik text:"Erik Giesey"
 bar:Dylan text:"Dylan Honkonen"
 bar:Jake text:"Jake Bogan"
 bar:Devon text:"Devon Whitney"
 bar:Michael text:"Michael Johnson"


 width:13 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 bar:Kyle from:01/01/2013 till:15/05/2015 color:Screams
 bar:Kyle from:26/11/2015 till:end color:Screams
 bar:Thomas from:01/01/2013 till:15/05/2015 color:Guitar1
 bar:Thomas from:26/11/2015 till:end color:Guitar1
 bar:Brian from:10/08/2013 till:08/04/2015 color:Guitar2
 bar:Brian from:26/11/2015 till:31/12/2016 color:Guitar2
 bar:Erik from:05/07/2013 till:31/12/2013 color:Drums
 bar:Dylan from:28/02/2014 till:15/05/2015 color:Drums
 bar:Dylan from:26/11/2015 till:31/12/2016 color:Drums
 bar:Jake from:06/01/2017 till:end color:Drums
 bar:Devon from:23/05/2013 till:27/06/2014 color:Bass
 bar:Michael from:05/02/2015 till:15/05/2015 color:Bass
 bar:Michael from:26/11/2015 till:end color:Bass
width:2.5 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 bar:Kyle from:11/07/2014 till:15/05/2015 color:Cleans
 bar:Kyle from:26/11/2015 till:end color:Cleans
 bar:Brian from:10/08/2013 till:08/04/2015 color:Backups
 bar:Brian from:26/11/2015 till:31/12/2016 color:Backups
 bar:Dylan from:11/07/2014 till:15/05/2015 color:Cleans
 bar:Dylan from:26/11/2015 till:31/12/2016 color:Cleans
 bar:Devon from:23/05/2013 till:27/06/2014 color:Cleans




  • Secret Keeper (2013) (self-released)
  • Losing Sleep (2015) (self-released)
  • Ghost (2016) (self-released)

Music Videos

  • Fade (2014, non-album single)
  • Everything Falls Apart (2014, Losing Sleep)
  • Haunt (2016, Ghost)


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